22 Photos - Sep 13, 2013
Photo: Lark Harbour is being repopulated after the Smallwood clearances of the 1960'sPhoto: Large hills and scenic cabin locations. People mostly travel in "Bay of Islands" dorys with powerful outboard motors.Photo: Great views in the mist.Photo: The Bay of Islands YC of Cornerbrook has excellent docking in Woods Island Harbour. Getting to shore and hiking the trails is a great experience.Photo: A calm day to be enjoyed.Photo: Hiking trails lead in all directions from the floating docks.Photo: Lobster traps cached near the entrance to the harbour.Photo: Looking towards Blow Me Down Mountain.Photo: Blow Me Down Mountain with a waterfalls dropping over the edge.Photo: The Gulf Of St Lawrence is at the mouth of the Bay of Islands. Low lying fog can be seen between the islands.Photo: Everywhere I went there were skidways to pull the dories out of the water.Photo: Many of the cabins had great looking gardens. Unfortunately some yachts visiting this special place have raided the gardens showing disrespect for the people here.Photo: Trails are well used by ATV's and walkers.Photo: Anchored in 5 fathoms. Scenic views in every direction.Photo: Waterfalls dropping from the 2000 ft+ top of Blow Me Down Mountain.Photo: A cuckoo clock hangin in  a tree along a trail gave me a good chuckle.Photo: A few old vehicles can still be found.Photo: The winds are blowing about 30 knots. All is secure with two anchors sharing the load.Photo: Blow Me Down Mountain with a small cottage community at Woods Island Harbour.Photo: The potato garden is doing really will. The fencing is to keep the eight moose out of the garden.Photo: Large bogs can be found.Photo: Easy Go has the entire anchorage to herself. Out of focus but still a nice scene.