23 Photos - May 17, 2013
Photo: So, I recently made the decision to leave my day job. I've been there 17 years, and this will mean huge changes in every aspect of our lives. Am I bugging out a little? You bet. How do you go from office attire to yoga pants and still maintain some sense of self? (This is the OLD me. I won't subject you to the yoga pants.)Photo: I'm down to half time now - not quite unemployed yet - but I'm getting a good feel for what days will be like. This might  give you some idea...(and this is actually a good day...)Photo: Some days, you just have to pack up the kids and hit a local store. It keeps them somewhat occupied, and there are other people there! If you're lucky, you can spark up a conversation with a real live grown-up :)Photo: ...and pick up some groceries while you're at it. (And the little ones won't tell if you treat yourself, so head straight for the coffee aisle if you're a java head, like me.)Photo: The change in budget will mean fewer coffeehouse trips for me, but I've got that covered. When K-cups first came out, I thought they were expensive, but they're actually quite a bargain compared to those barista-made concoctions. Wal-Mart has a pretty great selection of K-cups. You'll find almost anything...Photo: ...including Gevalia. The name always reminds me of my mom, because she used to subscribe to monthly Gevalia deliveries. That was WAY before K-cups.Photo: The Colombia blend is great, but I just LOVE the mild-medium Signature Blend the best. I've been using them in the office Keurig, and they rival any coffeehouse brew. You don't ever have to worry about a bitter cup!Photo: I'd even buy Gevalia for my coffeepot, but I don't use it often with the kids around. I barely get a second to hit the button on the Keurig, much less fill a pot and measure scoops!Photo: Another must-have. Are you wondering what I'm brewing up? ;)Photo: Can't stop at WalMart without checking out the kid stuff. Oh, such fun to finally check out the girls' things!Photo: And have I mentioned how much I love that I'm finding more and more organics at WalMart?Photo: Always lots to keep the kids' occupied. Free entertainment = awesome.Photo: Only one of our local stores has a big fabric area. Learning to sew is on my list of to-dos once I'm done with work.Photo: My son loves to visit the garden section, just like Daddy.Photo: The best thing about a shopping trip is that the kids are usually tired enough to nap when we get home. Score some ME time! Break out the K-cup...Photo: Here's where the fun part comes in. Add a 1/2 scoop of the best vanilla bean you can find. It's still WAY cheaper than buying a crafted drink!Photo: Simply push the button, and brew away.Photo: Watch the sweet froth form as the ice cream partially melts.Photo: You're left with this beautifully sweet loveliness!Photo: A cup of pure yum. The smooth Gevalia signature blend is perfect on its own, but even better when used to create my signature drink!Photo: PSA: Proper Keurig etiquette dictates that you always remove your used K-cup!Photo: Finally, relax and enjoy! After all, this is your moment and it might be a while before you get another one!Photo: