11 Photos - Aug 14, 2011
Photo: Breaking the Silence.
This is from a speaker series here in Long Beach, that encourages people to find their voice and tell their story - promoting activism on the community level.

Sometimes... the truth isn't all that pretty.

I love this cause.

We photographed about 20 volunteers the first night... and will continue to do so until the series is complete. In the end, we will have images that span culture, age, race, sexual orientation, religion and occupation... all people who came together to help make a difference.Photo: Star Trek fans might recognize this fine gentlemen... he came down to my office this week and we did a few shots late into the night.

I can't say enough nice things about him.
He's the real deal.Photo: muy machoPhoto: bronzedPhoto: Photo: I've been a bit absent from the google this past month as I have been incredibly overbooked with projects - which is difficult to complain about. :)

Tonight, I find myself trying to do a little 'catch up' on my processing, and thought I'd share a shot made here in Long Beach (we do have some stunning parks in this city). :)

I just love her cape... and while we were making this, a little boy of about 5 came by with his dad. The boy was just amazed that he had found little red riding hood... He was transfixed. It was adorable.

(And I may have reinforced the idea to him a bit - to be sure. Totally worth it.) :)Photo: Photo: So on my holiday trip to visit family, I grabbed my niece, a bunch of decorations off the Christmas tree, a fuzzy blanket, and my makeup bag, and we went out onto the ice out in the back of her house to take some pics.

Oh, the things you do when you run out of things to do... :)Photo: Photo: Photo: