43 Photos - Sep 2, 2013
Photo: I am always fascinated by snow capped mountains. Ahead is Hallasan (1950m), which is north of where we stayed in Jeju, Korea during our winter holiday. It took me some walking around the hotel area in the cold in order to get a relatively clear view of the mountain.Photo: Final day of our holiday, my wife and I picked a tourist attraction spot that is next to our apartment. No more dealing with taxis! We went on foot instead.Photo: While the weather was still cold in Jeju, it was fortunate that we had some good morning sun.Photo: These made in Korea shoes may not look fashionable. But Cynthia loves them because they are comfortable and have kept her feet warm.Photo: I am not used to being the subject of photography. But my wife has insisted!Photo: OK. The result looks pretty good. So I requested for another portrait.Photo: As we were getting close to the Jeongbang Waterfall, the air appeared to be cooler.Photo: Apparently, Jeju orange is famous for its sweetness. Had our apartment’s friendly host not given us ten Jeju oranges a day, we would have bought some along the way to the waterfall.Photo: The ocean was at sight!Photo: This is the view looking down from the small bridge.Photo: East China Sea through a special effect, taken near to the tourist information center.Photo: The entire coastal walk is fenced up (for safety measure I suppose) as well as sheltered by trees. Occasionally, there is a clear view of the ocean.Photo: We do not know why there are two sets of fences. Being good tourists, we have decided not to jump off either side of the fence … yet.Photo: Meanwhile, we were oh’ing and ah’ing on the beautiful scenery as we took a walk down the coast.Photo: There was little breeze that day, very Cynthia photo friendly.Photo: While we were at it, why not take another picture?Photo: This photo is real. There is a floating house on the ocean.Photo: Cynthia may not like this picture because she could hardly open her eyes! But that is as close as I can get to have my wife photographed with the snow capped mountain.Photo: From afar, we have spotted Jeongbang Waterfall.Photo: So close, we could smell it!Photo: Jeju women divers selling seafood by the shore. We would love to order some had we known how to speak Korean.Photo: I caught my wife taking a moment to enjoy the serenity of the nature. Ah, the great outdoor.Photo: And we have reached the Jeongbang Waterfall, 23 meters high, the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly onto the sea.Photo: One kind soul helped us to take a photograph.Photo: Like I always say, in every award winning photo, there is a shadow lurking in the background! Kidding. I love including my wife into as many photographs as I can.Photo: Another picture of the waterfall, with a slower shutter speed setting.Photo: Water falling onto Cynthia’s head!Photo: My wife has found a stone … I think.Photo: The water was clear and cool to touch.Photo: The great thing about traveling in winter is that there are lesser tourists. We had the waterfall all to ourselves (almost).Photo: Now, time to face the camera the other way, away from the splashing water!Photo: The title of this photograph could well be … I think therefore I am. Or rather, my wife has grown accustomed to I taking pictures all the time. She has learned to ignore me while admiring the majestic waterfall.Photo: One last look at the coastline before heading to our next destination, the town nearby.Photo: We passed by a Chinese themed garden.Photo: Had we started playing Ingress during our holiday, we would have been busy hacking and submitting portals.Photo: Let’s just say, something really, really funny happened right before this photograph was taken. You would have to take my words for it!Photo: Next, we ventured into a town called Seogwipo. We followed the “artist route” and have reached a hilltop that overlooks the town and the ocean beyond.Photo: This is by far one of the strangest looking trees I have seen, like a torch fire.Photo: The old market is huge. It sells all sorts of things inside - clothings, household items, raw food, pickles, and more. Even fits the motorcyclists! During our visit, there was an election campaign going on. Cynthia’s outfit fitted right into the team’s uniform! And we have met the lady running for election, who later on has become the Prime Minister of South Korea.Photo: The dog in front of this art shop paid us no mind while I took picture of the storefront.Photo: We have visited a Catholic Church that was established since June 10, 1900.Photo: And the last sunset of our holiday trip. We love South Korea.Photo: We have decided to end our trip at the food district after walking for six hours in Seogwipo.