41 Photos - May 6, 2013
Photo: After our visit to Seongeup Folk Village in the morning, we asked the noodle house help us call a taxi. Our destinations - Pyoseon Beach and Jeju Folk Village.Photo: I have to retake a good set of photographs due to wrong ISO setting, again! What you see here are the retakes.Photo: See anyone around?Photo: Time now was 3:40 pm. Sun set around 5 pm. Back at the moment, time did not seem to matter.Photo: We enjoyed walking on the beach taking photographs of each other.Photo: At times, I took photographs of my shadow (not that if I could help it).Photo: That is me! The beach was freezing cold.Photo: And that is Cynthia, feeling the chill as well.Photo: We faced the four winds. Not a soul except us.Photo: This could have been a beautiful poster for Ingress Resistance, except we belong to the Enlightened (green) faction.Photo: We walked deeper and deeper into Pyoseon Beach (and away from Jeju Folk Village).Photo: I found a rat.Photo: And she found a rabbit.Photo: During our stay in Korea, one Google+ friend shared with me a story of his dad getting a frostbite due to cold weather. Hence, Cynthia frequently warmed her ears ...Photo: … and her nose.Photo: Pyoseon Beach is famous for the Korean drama “Iris”.Photo: A work in progress.Photo: Ta-dah!Photo: This is a good camera bag. I have used it for years.Photo: Cynthia’s red colored hat and jacket stands out pretty well against this backdrop!Photo: Till today, I still cannot recall why my wife looked so happy. I must have cracked something silly. Or fell flat on my face.Photo: A panoramic view of the beach and the shore, the lighthouse and the town.Photo: Guess who is who?Photo: One more from the Chinese zodiac.Photo: Cynthia has something in mind!Photo: “I believe I can fly!”Photo: “I believe I can touch the sky!”Photo: We had so much funny at the beach and then it struck us … Sunset in 40 minutes!Photo: We quickly ran to Jeju Folk Village next door because it was closing at 6 pm.Photo: Having been to Seongeup Folk Village, this one is more like a giant outdoor museum.Photo: Authenticity aside, Jeju Folk Village is pretty.Photo: These are real animals, inside this giant outdoor museum.Photo: This hut looks very much like the ones we have seen in Seongeup Folk Village this morning. See the shadow of us?!Photo: 20 minutes before sunset! Yet we still managed to find time taking portraits.Photo: This may not be the prettiest picture in this album. But there is a story behind me. During our visit, we have encountered a group of tourists from our country. One man came up to us and then turn to his group and asked, “How to say black swine in Korean?” He spoke Korean to us asking us to check out the black swines nearby. We thanked him in Korean and he looked happy. Black pork is a famous dish in Korea.Photo: 15 minutes before sunset! We have got to hurry up!Photo: Yet we still managed to find time playing a game of labyrinth. This one was surprisingly challenging. We got lost inside for a few rounds.Photo: OK. Time to read the map and check out what was there to see.Photo: Can you imagine living inside one of these? What is the pumpkin doing up there?!Photo: Sunlight was fading fast. Time for one last picture?Photo: That was all for the day. Local time was 5.10 pm.