35 Photos - Feb 9, 2013
Photo: Noon, we took a taxi to Spirited Garden. The location was pretty remote.Photo: The guardians of Jeju were dressed in Christmas costume!Photo: Spirited Garden has plenty of bonsai like this.Photo: Cynthia's face is bigger than some of the bonsai!Photo: See the metal wires?  I suppose each bonsai is shaped with time and patience.Photo: Some bonsai are fruit bearing.Photo: By the time we reached here. It was drizzling, and soon snowed.Photo: This is a baby apple tree.Photo: Doesn't the shape of this particular bonsai trunk remind you of something?Photo: This one looks majestic to me.Photo: Not sure if this one is classified as bonsai. It does look like a mega-size bonsai.Photo: The sky got really dark!Photo: This 500 hundred year old garden tree, a juniper, is beautifully trimmed like a bunjae. The core beauty of this tree lies in the harmonious combination of the white and red stems, which represent softness and reconciliation.

The white parts are those that have withered and died long ago. They are beautifully sculpted while sulphur ointment has been applied to the spot. The red parts are those that still remain alive to sustain the life of the tree.Photo: A fossil tree?Photo: In a rare moment, the sky broke open. And we were bathed in sunlight, for a while.Photo: Once the rain subsided, the shop assistants nearby quickly donned the guardians with Christmas costume.Photo: The sun was out! Time for photo taking opportunities.Photo: Even the bird was wasting no time and came out and played!Photo: Title of this photograph is: Sunbathing by the hill.Photo: The color of Cynthia's pointy hat is hurting my eyes!Photo: Another bonsai sunbathing by the hill.Photo: Cynthia, baby apple tree, and baby apples.Photo: Spirited Garden was transformed from a desolate wasteland into a garden in half a century.Photo: This is extreme bonsai!Photo: Spirited Garden (Korea) was visited by Jiang Zemin - Former President of the People's Republic of China - on 17 November 1995. The writing, I believe, was handwritten by President Jiang.Photo: Cynthia and I visited a bonsai incubation center.Photo: These baby bonsai were too young to face the hash weather outside. Hence were kept indoor till they grew up more.Photo: Hungry struck. So we dived into a restaurant called "Harmony". Inside, we saw the owner of the garden having tea with a young man.Photo: 2.30 pm, we were starving. It was icy cold outside. We had a bowl of hot Japanese noodle, in a Korean restaurant.Photo: After visited Spirited Garden, we intended to walk a couple of kilometers and visit Museum of Contemporary Art. The good news was the we found a taxi. The not so good news was that this was literally in the middle of nowhere. Not a soul nearby. How were we going to return to our apartment?!Photo: At first, I thought this was Museum of Contemporary Art. As in, an outdoor museum.Photo: What. Is. This?Photo: We were not allowed to take pictures inside. So we took one outside to commemorate how freezing cold the weather was.Photo: This place looked deserted. A perfect filming location.Photo: Cynthia suddenly screamed, "Look up!" I was like, "What the ..."