25 Photos - Jan 13, 2013
Photo: Monday morning, we woke up late and have decided to take advantage of the sun and dedicate the day for taking pictures as a couple.Photo: We love our apartment in Jeju called Four Seasons Pension. It is peaceful, quiet, and spacious.Photo: One thing great about taking pictures with a tripod is that not much post-processing work is required. They are proper as it is.Photo: A blue sky like this was rare in our winter holiday in Korea.Photo: We took forever to fiddle around with this shot. Pretty funny looking back. There was an old lady waiting by the bus stop. By the time we were done with the photo session, returned to our apartment, and headed out, the same old lady was still waiting. She took a taxi in the end, I think.Photo: See that 2nd floor balcony right above us? That was our apartment!Photo: This is the World Cup Stadium, Jeju Korea.Photo: See my tripod?!Photo: I have no idea what is the Eiffel Tower doing in Korea. But I suppose replicas of this iconic structure can be seen in other worldwide locations.Photo: It was a cold, cold day.Photo: I had an impulse to climb up the tower and do a King Kong scene. Not wanting to risk getting thrown into a Korean jail, I quickly dismissed that idea.Photo: The wind was pretty strong. I set my traveler tripod to pretty high. Right after taking this photograph, as I headed back to my tripod, I realized that it was a miracle that it did not topple (praise the Lord!). Thereafter, I weighted the tripod down by hanging my haversack at its bottom. Things that I should have remembered to do.Photo: Seowipo World Cup Stadium is beautiful.Photo: A peep into Seowipo World Cup Stadium.Photo: The stadium faces the mountains. It seems deserted now that the World Cup is long over. The box office counters seem to be off maintenance for a long time.Photo: 20 minutes before sunset! Hurry!Photo: The chilliness in the air has unfortunately frozen my smile.Photo: These are the protectors of Jeju island, which in the World Cup era welcomed the guests into the stadium.Photo: We couldn't help but have some fun. Some locals were looking at us!Photo: We saw this mascot everywhere in the island.Photo: 4.59pm, on the dot right before sunset!Photo: This is the color of the sunlight at sunset, uncorrected by grey card.Photo: And the sun set upon Seowipo World Cup Stadium, at 5.03pm.Photo: Cynthia and I bought this heater in a hypermarket for ₩ 35,000, which is about US$33. We could use some extra bit of warmth in our apartment, and for future winter holidays. Money well spent.Photo: Shoju (somewhat like Japanese Sake) is my favorite drink in Korea. It only costs ₩ 950 in a supermarket (US$0.90) or ₩ 3,000 in a restaurant. It costs at least 15 times more expensive to buy this in Singapore. This one is slightly more expensive though. Cost ₩ 2,750 and its Cynthia favorite. There is a fruity after taste.