58 Photos - Jan 5, 2013
Photo: Later in the afternoon, after our visit to Museum of Sex and Health, we took a taxi to Teddy Bear Museum.Photo: Cynthia has been going gaga over Teddy Bear Museum ever since we have decided to visit Korea. I was curious to see what it was all about.Photo: The weather was so beautiful. Knowing how fast the weather changes in a Korea's winter, we took the opportunity to take some photographs around the area before visiting a museum.Photo: I am a big fan of Cynthia's Red Pointy Hat.Photo: This doesn't look like a Boxing Kangaroo at all.Photo: This is quite possibly my favorite photograph of the day.Photo: We found a burger restaurant and could not resist. Look at the burger, I am feeling the hunger now!Photo: OK. Teddy Bear Museum here we go!Photo: You must be wondering, who's in the car?!Photo: This Cinnamon Bear was born in 1906, made in the USA!Photo: The teddy bears are making a movie. ORDER ORDER!Photo: Nearly all exhibitions have moving parts.Photo: Germany teddy bears made in 1920!Photo: Even teddy bears have a war to fight ...Photo: A teddy bear from Japan, in the 1940's!Photo: Meet Ted, the archaeologist.Photo: Meet mama bear, papa bear, and their two children on a teddy bear holiday!Photo: This is Teddy Armstrong, Commander of Apollo 11.Photo: Disneyland, for the teddy bears.Photo: This is Teddy Presley, holding a hand grenade.Photo: And so, Cynthia's dream of visiting the Teddy Bear Museum has come true!Photo: This Golden Bear is merely 22+ years old, relatively young compares to the rest on display. Still comes with a tag!Photo: Not entirely sure if this particular exhibition has a political agenda to it.Photo: Teddy bears and the Berlin Wall.Photo: When Hong Kong returned to China in 1997, the teddy bears were there!Photo: Till death do us apart!Photo: Patiently I waited till Mr. Blue Bear popped out in his spaceship.Photo: Teddy Bear and New York Times.Photo: Every bear needs a cup of coffee in the morning.Photo: I think, therefore I am.Photo: One floor down, and the exhibition turns famous paintings into ... teddy bears.Photo: I have no idea what this depicts.Photo: I could only imagine what went on inside his head.Photo: In the beginning, God created teddy bears.Photo: I was teddy bear overdosed. I saw two teddy bears behind the counter.Photo: Check this out. 125 Karat Bear! There are quite a number of diamonds decorated on his eyes, and his mouth.Photo: Welcome to a traditional Korean wedding party.Photo: A hardworking bear.Photo: Bears do eat fish.Photo: Traditional wedding costumes?Photo: Cynthia was caught crashing into a private teddy bear party!Photo: This is one old bear.Photo: A talented teddy bear!Photo: This is one of the oldest teddy bears we have seen. He must be a hundred or so years old.Photo: Why are we so fond of teddy bears, I wonder.Photo: According to Cynthia, this one was very nice to hug.Photo: Teddy Bear Museum extends all the way out into the garden, which was really cold that evening.Photo: Cynthia and her new friend Ted!Photo: I have got to thank Cynthia for her patience as I took ages trying to compose this photograph.Photo: If those bears were real ...Photo: A beautiful musical fountain.Photo: Cynthia wanted a piece of cake too!Photo: And I said, "Let's forget about the cake and go for the pig instead!"Photo: Pizza!Photo: A live teddy bear show.Photo: A happy family photograph.Photo: I am missing Korean food already.Photo: I have struggled a great deal if I shall keep this lovely teddy bear for myself, or give it to my niece as a birthday present. My friends in Google+ voted overwhelmingly that Bethany should have it instead!