48 Photos - Nov 12, 2012
Photo: First thing we saw when we arrived at Gardens by the Bay were these giant man-made Super Trees.Photo: These trees are so tall that I wish I have a 14-24mm lens.Photo: Realism of this bull is amazing, including a complete package down below.Photo: This is Cynthia and her mother, in front of Flower Dome (or Cloud Forest).Photo: Gardens by the Bay is located at the outer rim of the central business district.Photo: I can so see my future! The wood is tell me something. What? When I grow up I'm gonna be a F1 driver?Photo: Again, if the other picture is the Flower Dome, this must be the Cloud Forest.Photo: We worked through the little gardens of different human cultural themes.Photo: There are some really beautiful plants in the gardens.Photo: My mother-in-law wanted to take a picture with the Super Trees. I hope this does it.Photo: For S$5, you can walk through the Super Trees.Photo: Behind are three Super Trees and the Singapore Flyer.Photo: It was a pretty warm and humid day. Cynthia was our water carrier.Photo: Cynthia spotted this and exclaimed, “Look, the leaves are curved!”Photo: To showcase how large the rabbit is, I paired it against Cynthia.Photo: And more pretty plants.Photo: Flowers too!Photo: A homegrown insect!Photo: It is a fish eats fish world.Photo: To showcase how gigantic the Super Trees are, you can see how tidy Cynthia and her mother are comparatively.Photo: There are plenty of different types of plants planted onto the Super Trees.Photo: Here is a closer look at the plants on the Super Trees.Photo: Whoa, look at that near-tree top walkway.Photo: Where we had our lunch, there is a tree inside the restaurant too.Photo: It was a cloudy day, not quite a great day for photography.Photo: One of these Super Trees has a restaurant up on top!Photo: This is how the gardeners care for the plants on the Super Trees.Photo: Can you spot Cynthia and her mother up at the tree?Photo: Can you spot Cynthia and her mother up at the treetop walkway?Photo: I could stare at these trees for hours.Photo: This is, I believe, limestone from a cave. Or something like that. Bizarre eh?Photo: We found a wall full of pots of plants.Photo: Meet the one and only receptionist of Gardens by the Bay.Photo: This pair of fruit resembles something. I forgot what.Photo: The most gracious palm trees I have seen.Photo: I don't even know what this is.Photo: The biggest rat in Singapore is about to sing to a microphone.Photo: A tree trunk with an unusual coating.Photo: Part of the garden is still under construction.Photo: Dragonfly Lake, and at a distance, the Singapore Flyer.Photo: We got to walk across part of the Dragonfly Lake via a wooden bridge.Photo: This little plant might have been the inspiration for the design of the man-made Super Trees.Photo: Yep. Gardens by the Bay y'all.Photo: This is a fun Instagram inspired photograph. Cynthia was smiling at my camera while her mother smiled at her.Photo: My father would love to see stones like this.Photo: Check out these patterns. We are ready for the encounters of the third kind.Photo: I was so busy with the Super Trees, I kept on missing the fruits on the real trees. Fortunately I have Cynthia and her mother with me.Photo: Meet the Guardian of the Super Trees and Marina Bay Sands.