29 Photos - Aug 11, 2012
Photo: One happy family.Photo: You have no idea how many shots it takes to get this picture.Photo: My niece Bethany, she was hungry. Like I was.Photo: This is Palawan Beach at Sentosa Singapore.Photo: This is my wife, Cynthia.Photo: On the right, my little sister, Lora.Photo: This is my bro-in-law, Benny. Aka bucket carrier.Photo: Me, the photographer.Photo: Bethany loves to play with sand (check out the sand spilling!)Photo: Would someone please count the number of butterflies?Photo: Bethany my niece and my sister Lora.Photo: In a rare moment, Cynthia got up.Photo: Hello daddy!Photo: Check out the water frozen in motion!Photo: Bethany loves to play with sea water.Photo: Look at how focus Bethany was!Photo: One girl gave Bethany a toy.Photo: And she crowned my sister as the princess.Photo: The T-shirt says: I am a hugger.Photo: Sand castle, Bethany and I built.Photo: I like this picture a lot.Photo: That look, what was she thinking?Photo: Bethany became friendly with me, after we built sand castle together.Photo: You there, get me more sea water!Photo: Cynthia, Bethany, Benny, and Lora.Photo: Daddy loves you, Bethany.Photo: Where are my feet?!Photo: Happy birthday sis.Photo: Cynthia and I, sun, sea, and Palawan Beach.