76 Photos - Oct 27, 2013
Photo: The view from our room at the Marcel on 24th and 3rdPhoto: It was bright at nightPhoto: Rooftop terrace at the MarcelPhoto: Rooftop terrace at the MarcelPhoto: Upper East sidePhoto: Upper East sidePhoto: Map exhibit at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW).  How do you get a job like that?Photo: Tuna tartar with avacadoPhoto: Pork belly.  These appetizers and Stella cider were free, courtesy of Stella Artois!Photo: Dinner at Bhatti, probably the best Indian meal I've ever hadPhoto: Lamb chops at BhattiPhoto: Lamb chops.  So good they deserve two photos!Photo: Chicken marsala and shrimp curryPhoto: The CloistersPhoto: The CloistersPhoto: Overlooking the Hudson River at The CloistersPhoto: This was the end of OctoberPhoto: The CloistersPhoto: The CloistersPhoto: The medieval garden at the CloistersPhoto: The CloistersPhoto: Laurie and the Hudson RiverPhoto: That's Laurie over therePhoto: Now you can see herPhoto: Grant's tombPhoto: We popped in on this concert at the Riverside ChurchPhoto: In Grant's tomb - way to represent, Wisconsin!Photo: Grant accepting Lee's surrenderPhoto: Cuban spiced ground beef, yellow rice, and black beansPhoto: Beef with peppers, yellow rice, and fried plantains.  This did not turn out too well.Photo: St John the Devine.  Philippe Petit is an artist in residence there, but not today.Photo: Sculpture at St John the DevinePhoto: That is crazy art for a cathedralPhoto: St John the DevinePhoto: You don't see these much anymorePhoto: Daniel Burnham's Flatiron Building.  Shouldn't this be in Chicago?Photo: Grilled octopus at Goat Town on 5th and A.Photo: Crostinis at Goat TownPhoto: Moules at Goat TownPhoto: FritesPhoto: Pork Loin with couscousPhoto: The entrance to Green Wood CemeteryPhoto: Main entrancePhoto: Those are Parakeet nestsPhoto: You can see one of themPhoto: There's another onePhoto: Brooklyners love obelisksPhoto: The main entrance from inside the cemeteryPhoto: Green Wood CemeteryPhoto: Civil War gravePhoto: Monument to New York city citizens who saved the UnionPhoto: Matthew at the Battle of Long Island memorialPhoto: Laurie and Minerva, waving to the Statue of LbertyPhoto: That's the Statue of Liberty way in the distancePhoto: Green Wood CemeteryPhoto: Ginko tree seeds.  They smell like dog feces.  Laurie cannot smell them.  What's up with that??Photo: That bear is just sillyPhoto: The gnomen on that sun dial is oriented properlyPhoto: Civil War gravePhoto: He was only 28Photo: All these people died in 1988Photo: Laura Keene was an actress who witnessed Abe Lincoln's assination.Photo: Matthew at Samuel Morse's gravePhoto: "What hath God wrought?"Photo: Laurie and Boss Tweed's kidPhoto: Boss Tweed and Boss PiettePhoto: Horace Greeley - "Newspaperman and Gadfly" per the guidePhoto: Photo: Photo: Yep, that TiffanyPhoto: Green Wood CemeteryPhoto: Green-Wood CemeteryPhoto: We had a beer herePhoto: Matt at Rolf'sPhoto: Matt at Rolf's on 22nd and Third AvenuePhoto: Laurie and Chester A Arthur