25 Photos - Feb 2, 2016
Photo: Use your keyboard to advance to the next photo.Photo: View of Helena on Thanksgiving Day 2015 - The day before our Stemple to Flesher hike.Photo: Another view of the Capital City the day before our Stemple to Flesher snowshoe hike.Photo: Another shot from Thanksgiving morning with Mt. Helena in the background.Photo: Looking north toward the Sleeping Giant on the horizon. The Capitol is in the foreground.Photo: This link will take you to a map of our route. Once the site open, you can zoom in or out, etc. (copy and paste the URL into your browser) https://caltopo.com/m/R1UFPhoto: My friend (Rick)on the CDT between Stemple Pass and Flesher Pass.Photo: Castles in the Sky: Mirage effect called Fata MorganaPhoto: See next slide for a closer look.Photo: Photo: The Big Belt Mountains in the distance.Photo: Nice view of the area to the SW from the CDT. The Helena Valley sits between the Scratchgravels and the Spokane Hills.Photo: My friend, Rick enjoying the view.Photo: The horizon on the left is the Tobacco Root Mountains, about 100 miles away! The horizon to the right is the Elkhorn Mountains.Photo: We followed the CDT. If you do this hike in the winter you must have a GPS device that shows the trail and exactly where you are on that trail.Photo: Nearing the end of our hike - near Flesher Pass. That is the Elkhorn Mountains on the horizon. Rick on the left, me on the right.Photo: Google Earth view of the area: For most of the way, the trail parallels the Continental Divide on the east side.Photo: The hike from Stemple Pass to Crater Mountain is 6 miles round-trip. Out and back to the Granite Butte Lookout is 8 miles.Photo: View of Helena from south hills the day after our Stemple to Flesher hike. The inversion persists!Photo: St. Helena Cathedral - Sleeping Giant in distancePhoto: Downtown Helena - The Cathedral is near the right.Photo: Two days after the hike, looking toward the Big Belt Mountains.Photo: Photo: The plume is the Chemmet Plant in East Helena.Photo: This inversion lasted for several days, and we had MANY inversions in the winter of 2015-16. To see more Montana hiking adventures, go to bigskywalker.com.