35 Photos - Oct 26, 2015
Photo: Behold - Crown Butte near Simms (west of Great Falls, 85 miles from Helena)
NOTE: This photo was taken last June.Photo: Here is the area I explored - between Cascade and Simms. I've been on Crown Butte many times, but was curious about the 4 buttes near the center of the map - Fishback, Haystack, Birdtail, and Lionhead.Photo: 10 high school students, along with Mr. Lynn and I did the hike. Here we are on south side of the Butte.Photo: Hiking with "the bearded one"Photo: Up to the top.Photo: Photo: Columnar jointingPhoto: The top is not so flat.Photo: First look at the cliffs on the north side.Photo: Photo: Photo: Sun River in the background (near Simms)Photo: Andriy with Square Butte in the distancePhoto: Photo: Jean Baptiste enjoys a nice view of several smaller buttes from Crown Butte. Fishback Butte is whereI had a bear encounter last June.Photo: Headed to the tree for lunchPhoto: Budding photographer - Lunch tree in distancePhoto: Photo: Simple carbs for lunchPhoto: I took this photo earlier this year (June). The yellow arrow shows our route up and the red shows the route down.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: On the south side, looking SWPhoto: We came out through this canyon.Photo: This turned out to be the wrong canyon - oops.Photo: Had to go up to get around a 40-ft. drop-off.Photo: Out of the canyon - back onto the prairie.Photo: Eric wasn't very good company on the way home. :)Photo: Dad took me on this great hike, so I celebrated by rolling in a fresh cow pie moments before the 85-mile drive home. -Missy