81 Photos - Oct 18, 2015
Photo: Ready to go have some fun - It's nice to have a generous brother-in-law to borrow from (pick-up and trailer). Thanks Craig!Photo: Jim and I took care of the shuttle on Wednesday. We hired a nice lady from Big Sandy to haul us from Judith Landing to Coal Banks, where Jim and I spent the night.Photo: Waiting for the other four to arrive from Helena on Thursday morning at Coal Banks - Bear Paws in background.Photo: The other 4 in our group left Helena at 6 am Thursday, and we started paddling shortly after 9 am Thursday.Photo: A 47-mile journey through one of my favorite parts of Montana during the best month of the year. That's the Bear Paws in the distance.Photo: Kacey and Susan - 1 mile down and 46 to go.Photo: Kacey and Susan Askin just downriver from Coal BanksPhoto: The start of the White Cliffs downriver from Coal BanksPhoto: Photo: Parking for lunch on the cliffsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Somewhere in the middle of Montana - The White Cliffs of the Missouri River on a calm, sunny October day - no place I'd rather be.Photo: Lunch - before we climbed up on the rock in the backgroundPhoto: Abby above the lunch spotPhoto: Kelli and Abby - above our lunch spot on ThursdayPhoto: Back to the river and onto Eagle Creek CampsitePhoto: Concretions - weird sandstone spheres that are embedded in the White Cliffs. They fall out as the surrounding sandstone erodes away.Photo: After lunch Thursday - onto Eagle CreekPhoto: Photo: Cliffs across from our campsite at Eagle CreekPhoto: Approaching the shore at Eagle Creek Campsite around 3 pm Thursday.Photo: Photo: We set up our tents and then hiked into Neat Coulee - one of the coolest places in Montana.Photo: Neat Coulee - not sure why they call it a "coulee"Photo: Abby with a concretion in Neat CouleePhoto: The canyon is 100-200 yds. longPhoto: Jim SchulzPhoto: Miss Absaroka JonesPhoto: Kelli ButenkoPhoto: From the canyon we hiked up and over into the next drainage - another canyon.Photo: Looking down on Neat Coulee (the box canyon we had just walked through). Cliffs across the river from our campsite can be seen in the background (upper right of photo).Photo: Neat Coulee on left, next canyon on right.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Friday morning at Eagle Creek Campsite - 4 kayaks and 1 canoePhoto: Jim Schulz on Friday morning - Next stop Hole in the WallPhoto: Photo: Approaching Hole in the Wall - we parked by the cottonwood and had lunch there after the climb to the hole.Photo: Photo: Trail to the holePhoto: One of the tricky partsPhoto: Photo: Kelli - photo taken below holePhoto: Kacey in the holePhoto: AbbyPhoto: AbbyPhoto: Photo: SchulzPhoto: I was crawling to a vantage point above the hole.Photo: Photo by AbbyPhoto: I was above the hole when I took this photo.Photo: (Photo taken from above the hole) After lunch we paddled a couple miles and then hiked up to the Seven Sisters.Photo: Climbing down from the holePhoto: The six of us - Our boats are parked by the golden cottonwood. We ate lunch there before heading to the Seven Sisters.Photo: #beentheredonethatPhoto: On to the Seven Sisters - the hole is in the upper right corner of that 90 degree cliff in the background.Photo: Seven Sisters (nuns)Photo: Exploring the sistersPhoto: Photo: Photo: A look back at the Hole in the Wall from below the sisters - zoom shotPhoto: Coming down from the sistersPhoto: Seven Sisters - because it looks like a bunch of nuns standing around. We hiked up there in October of 2015, but not on this trip in 2014.Photo: Archangel framed by Black Butte on left side of photoPhoto: Abby with Archangel to leftPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: We saw 6-8 bald eagles on the trip.Photo: Picture perfect Friday afternoonPhoto: View of old farm about half mile from our campsite at Slaughter River around 5 pm Friday.Photo: Kacey and Susan stopped to explore a farm site on the other side of river.Photo: Photo: Askins' canoe across the riverPhoto: 15 miles of paddling on Thursday, 21miles on Friday, and 11 miles on SaturdayPhoto: Slaughter River CampgroundPhoto: Leaving Slaughter River on Saturday morning - a bit windy, but calmed down later.Photo: Saturday morning on the way to Judith Landing - We did about 11 miles on Saturday, reached Judith Landing around 1 pm, back in Helena by 6:30 pm.