27 Photos - Aug 21, 2015
Photo: I did not take this photo. Left Helena at 5:30 am, arrived at Sun Canyon Lodge 7:30 am, reached summit at 10:30 am, started down at 11:00 am, back to lodge at 2:30 pm.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Red Lake with Castle Reed in distancePhoto: Part of our trek is marked with yellow dots - select "Slideshow" to enlarge.Photo: Walking the ridge to the north summit of Sawtooth Ridge (20 miles west of Augusta).Photo: Considering options.Photo: Hermes heading south along base of cliffs.Photo: North through talus slope.Photo: Done with the difficult traverse across talus.Photo: Here is our route near the top. We walked SE along the base of the cliffs, scrambled up (see photo), traversed up to the NW, and then scrambled to the top.Photo: False summitPhoto: Looking down at Home Gulch.Photo: Summit approach.Photo: On north summit of Sawtooth Ridge.Photo: Looking north from summit of Sawtooth. This is a climb that I did several weeks after the Castle Reef and Wagner Basin hikes. It was a little smokey on the day I took this picture. On this hike a friend and I started at the lodge at 7:30 am and reached the top at 10:30. (almost 5 miles and 3,500 ft. gain) - This adventure may be a future blog post.Photo: Photo: View toward Home Gulch from the ridge.Photo: Looking back at the ridge as we headed down.Photo: It started to get windier and smokier as we headed down.Photo: Photo: Photo: Below the cliffs - out of the wind.Photo: The mules wanted to hear all about our climb.Photo: This photo was taken several weeks earlier during a hike I did with my wife and dog. We hiked up through Wagner Basin on the other side of the Sun River. This is a GREAT hike also.Photo: Also taken several weeks earlier.