19 Photos - Aug 11, 2015
Photo: Sunday evening view of the Crazies - Crazy Peak is the higher one on the left.Photo: 4 miles into our hike - above Blue LakePhoto: Blue LakePhoto: Hiking up from Blue LakePhoto: West ridge of Crazy Peak - where the climbing beginsPhoto: Approaching the west ridge of Crazy PeakPhoto: west ridge of Crazy PeakPhoto: Soon after we started climbing, Tristen sustained a gash on his forearm. So, we turned back here to get him stitched up.Photo: Photo: Coming down from the west ridge areaPhoto: West ridge on distant horizonPhoto: Hikers' bridge over Big Timber CreekPhoto: Upper Big Timber FallsPhoto: Ancient lava flows exposed by the down-cutting of Big Timber CreekPhoto: Another shot of Big Timber Falls from a previous trip (the summer before).Photo: One more of the fallsPhoto: Photo: The Crazies (big red spot) are made entirely of igneous rock.Photo: