28 Photos - Aug 5, 2015
Photo: Photo: Here it is!Photo: The trailhead is about 25 miles north of Bozeman near Fairy Lake. Six of those miles are VERY rough gravel. We hiked up to the pass in the center of the photo, then up to Naya Nuki, and finally up to Sacajawea. Hardscrabble is to the right of the pass.Photo: Tilted layers of Madison limestone on the way up to the pass.Photo: Less than a mile into the hike.Photo: Photo: Mardi along the trail with Hardscrabble behind her -  We planned to climb Hardscrabble on the way back, but rain moved in.Photo: On the way to Naya Nuki (Shoshone girl who was Sacajawea's best friend when they were young)Photo: Approaching Naya Nuki with Bozeman in the background -  You may be able to see the fieldhouse at MSU.Photo: On Naya Nuki with Sacajawea in background.Photo: This photo was taken from Mt. Blackmore a few years ago.Photo: Other hikers on way up to Naya Nuki - Ross Peak is just above the center of the photo.Photo: Here is a photo taken a couple years ago from Ross Peak. It shows the area we hiked on August 3, 2015.Photo: Between Naya Nuki and Sacajawea.Photo: Approaching SacajaweaPhoto: Hikers descending hump between Naya Nuki and Sacajawea.Photo: Almost to the top of Sac. You can see the valley we drove through to get here - passed the Bridger Bowl Ski Area on the way.Photo: Goat on summit of Sac with Hardscrabble behind it.Photo: Dog meets goat.Photo: Rain moving in - time to go.Photo: This is why we didn't climb Hardscrabble - It rained on us from the pass down, but we didn't melt.Photo: Work of art near Three Forks - just north of Wheat MontanaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Some even have moving parts.Photo: Photo: