30 Photos - Jul 26, 2015
Photo: 20 miles west of Augusta - We hiked up Wagner Basin (behind ridge), up to the ridge, and along the cliffs.Photo: Photo: Looking north from summit of Sawtooth. Photo from 2015. It was a little hazy when I climbed it in 2015 as well. The next photo was taken from the upper part of Wagner Basin.Photo: The yellow line shows the approximate route that Atticus and I followed to summit of Castle Reef. The green line is the approximate route that my wife and I followed on our hike earlier that month. The openess of the area makes it easy to pick reasonable routes.Photo: This is the trailhead where we started our hike.Photo: Pictographs near trailheadPhoto: The Skull Tree of Wagner BasinPhoto: Wagner Basin is between Mardi and the river. The area is open enough to make route-finding easy.Photo: Wagner Basin behind her.Photo: Photo: Along the cliffs on the eastern edge of the basin.Photo: Photo: Photo by Otto TymerPhoto: Mardi and MissyPhoto: Photo: Mardi above the entrance to the Sun River Canyon.Photo: Zoom shot of Gibson ReservoirPhoto: Photo: Photo: Use the arrow on your keyboard to advance.Photo: This is not Gibson Dam - This structure diverts water into a canal that delivers water to the Fairfield area for irrigation.Photo: Got beer! Much of this water will be used to grow malting barley in the area west of Fairfield. See next image.Photo: The lay of the land - Some of the water from the Sun River is diverted to the Greenfields Irrigation District west of Fairfield - the self-proclaimed "Malting Barley Capital of the World".Photo: Wagner Basin with Castle Reef on left, ridge that we walked on right, Skull Tree to left of center.Photo: Rock on.Photo: View of ridge from Gibson Dam overlook. Actually the peak I have labelled as "Summit of Castle Reef" is not the real summit - the true summit is a bit to the left of it.Photo: Gibson ReservoirPhoto: Photo: View of Gibson Dam from the overlook with Beaver Creek drainage to the left.Photo: It is exactly a 100-mile drive from Helena to the Wagner Basin Trailhead (yellow asterisk). The area between the arrows is what we (in Montana) refer to as "The Rocky Mountain Front".