35 Photos - Jul 5, 2015
Photo: Prince of Wales Hotel with Bear's Hump sticking out on leftPhoto: Our campsite with Bear's Hump in background - near center of photoPhoto: First Canadian we encountered on the Bear's Hump Trail Friday eveningPhoto: Photo: View of Upper Waterton Lake (Canada) from the Bear's Hump - The far end of the lake is in the USA.Photo: The Bear's Hump - Can you see Mardi sitting on the hump?Photo: Prince of Wales Hotel below - photo taken from the Bear's HumpPhoto: Our campsite was on that straight stretch of shoreline to right of the center of photo.Photo: The next day (Sat. July 4) we started a hike here at Cameron Lake and ended up (14 miles later) at our campground on Waterton Lake.Photo: Lake Wurdeman in Glacier Park as seen from the Alderson-Carthew Trail (Canada)Photo: Switch-back below Mt. Carthew - Mardi in bluePhoto: Photo: Rest stop before we summit the unnamed peak - There were too many people up there.Photo: Photo: Two sets of ripple marksPhoto: Marc and KelliPhoto: Me and MardiPhoto: View from same unnamed peak looking into Glacier Park - Mt. Cleveland is about 9.5 miles awayPhoto: We came up on the left - now heading along pass and then down to the Carthew Lakes. That is Mt. Carthew on the horizon.Photo: Down the trail to the Carthew LakesPhoto: Mt. Alderson with Carthew Lakes below on leftPhoto: Mark S. on the trailPhoto: Action photo of KelliPhoto: Mardi and Kelli crossing snowPhoto: Waterfalls between two of the Carthew LakesPhoto: Mardi sliding across the snowPhoto: View fromPhoto: Another of the Carthew LakesPhoto: Marc and Kelli B.Photo: Photo: Alderson LakePhoto: Near the end of the trail - Bear's Hump on left, Upper Waterton Lake on right, Middle Waterton Lake on leftPhoto: Bear about 1 mile from end of trailPhoto: End of the trail at Cameron Falls - Marc, Mark, KelliPhoto: View of Upper Waterton Lake from Prince of Wales Hotel just before the rain started Saturday evening