25 Photos - Jul 1, 2015
Photo: Trailhead view of Steamboat East - 70 miles from Helena (20 gravel), followed trail for 4 miles then followed ridge to top (14.5 miles round-trip with 3,300 elev. gain), started hiking at 7:30 am, got back to car at 4 pm.Photo: Amy and I camped at the top of Steamboat on Saturday night (during a 21-mile hike). Steamboat is sometimes referred to as "Steamboat Mtn. East" on maps.

Photo of Rocky Mountain Front courtesy of "wiredroach" - taken from Square Butte west of Great Falls.Photo: The peak of Steamboat East is 16.4 miles SSW of Augusta.Photo: About 4 miles into the hike at Devils Glen - this is about where we went off-trail - went swimming here on way back.Photo: This is the ridge we followed to the summit.Photo: Looking N from summit - lunch herePhoto: Steamboat on horizon (about 500 ft taller than Steamboat East)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lunch spot behind - headed toward prairie overlook. Red Mountain near Lincoln can be seen in the distance.Photo: Photo: Looking down toward the trailheadPhoto: Side trip on way downPhoto: Photo: Next up - take a plunge in the DearbornPhoto: Atticus takes the plunge - there were several deep pools in the Devils Glen area. This one was over 10 ft. This is about 4 miles from the trailhead.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I also took the plunge.Photo: Another pretty spot on the Dearborn - about 3 miles from the trailhead.Photo: Photo: Same spot about 3 miles from trailheadPhoto: Foot bridge across Dearborn - about a mile to go.