20 Photos - May 31, 2015
Photo: Horn coral in Madison Limestone on ridge between Meriwether and MannPhoto: Photo: The Madison limestone is made of sediment deposited when Montana was the floor of a shallow tropical ocean over 300 million years ago.Photo: Mann Gulch with Missouri RiverĀ  and Sleeping Giant in backgroundPhoto: Meriwether Canyon in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness north of HelenaPhoto: I paddled from Upper Holter to Coulter and then followed the ridge between Meriwether and MannPhoto: Photo: Meriwether Canyon with Upper Holter Lake in distance - Part of the Missouri RiverPhoto: I went as far as this outcropping of limestone - the peak of Willow is in the center horizonPhoto: The peak of Willow Mtn. from a different vantage pointPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Willow Mtn. is the right of the two peaks - I made it as far as the peak on the left, before deciding it was time to head back.Photo: Photo: Here is a view of the cliff that I decided not to descend - photo taken during trip to Willow Mtn. one year earlier.Photo: Looking down at the mouth of Meriwether Canyon before starting down on the switch-backsPhoto: I kayaked to Coulter, hiked over to Meriwether, and then followed the trail up to the ridge between Meriwether Canyon and Mann Gulch, then went off-trail to the cliff labelled "Hiked to here". The hike is less than 4 miles (one-way), but the elevation gain is 3,000 feet. Note to self - Left Helena at 7 am, back home at 6 pm.Photo: View of part of the ridge and false summit of Willow Mountain on horizon - I left town at 7 am and got back at 6 pm. It is about 3.5 miles of kayaking from Hilger Landing to Coulter Campground.Photo: Here is the ridge as viewed from town.