24 Photos - Dec 27, 2014
Photo: Started at Stemple Pass Trailhead, climbed peak, returnedPhoto: On the CDT heading north from Stemple PassPhoto: Photo: A group of skiersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: On the CDT - Skiers headed back to Stemple PassPhoto: We left the CDT and hiked up to an unnamed peak on The Continental DividePhoto: Photo: Photo: On the dividePhoto: Photo: Unnamed peak - Mark is standing on The Continental DividePhoto: Photo: On the divide 7,095 ft.Photo: Un-named peak on the Divide - 7,095 ft.Photo: This ridge is part of "The Continental Divide"Photo: Action photoPhoto: Ridge is "The Continental Divide"Photo: Photo: On the dividePhoto: Approaching the parking area at Stemple PassPhoto: Our destination was the peak in the center of the horizon behind my buddies.