41 Photos - Oct 12, 2014
Photo: North side of the butte - Sun River Valley on right side of photoPhoto: "T" on the cliffs of Crown Butte near Simms with Square Butte (and Hutterite colony) in backgroundPhoto: "T" and Chris with square Butte in backgroundPhoto: Chris with Rocky Mountain Front in backgroundPhoto: Along the east side of Crown ButtePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: A closer view of the layers - Crown Butte is made entirely of an igneous rock called "porphyry" and it is also a "layered igneous complex".  Each layer is about a foot thick.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mr. Deola - I would not let students stand there!Photo: Photo: Photo: Lunch spot looking toward Square Butte - Little Belt Mountains on horizonPhoto: Heading to the south side of the butte - The linear ridge on the prairie is an igneous dike.Photo: Photo: After lunch - Neon green lichens on the cliffs below usPhoto: Big Belt Mountains on horizonPhoto: Between a rock and a hard placePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: You may be able to see the place where we parked if you go "full screen". (white speck about mid-way through that stream)Photo: Photo: We decided to go back through this canyon on the SW side of the butte.Photo: Photo: Canyon short-cut to the car.  The hike ended up being 4.9 miles.Photo: Photo: Photo: Eagle Sandstone below the darker igneous rockPhoto: Photo: We came down the canyon on the right. Where Sean is standing near the end of Nature Conservancy property.Photo: Scenery - looking back at the the canyon where we descended.