24 Photos - Aug 13, 2014
Photo: The Tobacco Roots are flanked to the west by the Jefferson River and the Madison River on the east. the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin River join near the town of Three Forks to form the Missouri River.Photo: Mt. Jefferson (center), Hollowtop (right) as viewed from the northeast. You can hike to Hollowtop Lake and then continue on to Hollowtop Peak, but we came up on the other side via the Boulder River Road.Photo: Our route - We should have come down the same way we went up! Our down-route was too steep. We parked near the Boulder River and started near a sign that read "East Fork Trail."Photo: About an hour into the hike - A little rest before we headed up toward the patch of snow near the top of the gulley.Photo: This was the most difficult part of the hike.Photo: 9 am -  Kacey making his way up toward the patch of snow.Photo: Now above the snow, on the west ridge - still a long ways to go.Photo: Starting to enjoy some great views - Granite Peak on the left - Not to be confused with "THEE Granite Peak" (highest peak in Montana, located in the Beartooth Mountains).Photo: Looking toward the SWPhoto: 10 am - More climbing on the west ridge - Table Mtn. in the Highlands (south of Butte) can be seen on horizon to left. That is the Boulder River Road below.Photo: Near the summit - Mt. Jefferson on the left. We walked over there before starting down.Photo: Pony , MT from the summit - Bridger Range on horizon. You drive through Pony to access the east-side route. We chose the west-side route via the Boulder River Road.Photo: Peakbaggers - Jim, Gerry, Me, KaceyPhoto: Jim and Kacey on the summit of HollowtopPhoto: Hollowtop Lake (most distant of the 4) - Lone Peak near Big Sky on horizon centerPhoto: Me and Gerry - The summit is made of granite that exhibits an interesting weathering pattern.Photo: Starting down from the summit - onto Mt. JeffersonPhoto: Kacey on the saddle between Hollowtop (shown) and Jefferson (not shown)Photo: Mt. Jefferson - Looking toward Bozeman.Photo: Strange outcropping between Hollowtop and JeffersonPhoto: Starting downPhoto: It started to rain soon after we reached our vehicle. We left my driveway in Helena at 6 am and returned at 6 pm.Photo: This photo was taken 2 years later as my wife and I drove into the tiny town of Pony, MT. That is Hollowtop on the horizon and Jefferson on the left. When the 4 of us climbed it, we came up on the opposite side.Photo: Another shot of Hollowtop from Main Street in Pony, MT - taken 2 years later.

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