21 Photos - Aug 13, 2014
Photo: Mt. Jefferson (center), Hollowtop (right)Photo: Our route - We should have come down the same way we went up!Photo: About an hour into the hike - A little rest before we headed up toward the patch of snow on the rightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Now above the snow, on the west ridge - still a long ways to go.Photo: Starting to enjoy some great views - Granite Peak on the left (not "THEE Granite Peak")Photo: Looking toward the SWPhoto: More climbing on the west ridge - Table Mtn. in the Highlands (south of Butte) can be seen on horizon to left.Photo: Near the summit - Mt. Jefferson on the left.Photo: Pony , MT from the summit - Bridger Range on horizonPhoto: PeakbaggersPhoto: The summit of HollowtopPhoto: Hollowtop Lake (most distant of the 4) - Lone Peak near Big Sky on horizon centerPhoto: Photo: Starting down from the summit - onto Mt. JeffersonPhoto: Kacey on the saddle between Hollowtop (shown) and Jefferson (not shown)Photo: Mt. JeffersonPhoto: Strange outcropping between Hollowtop and JeffersonPhoto: Starting downPhoto: It started to rain soon after we reached our vehicle.