107 Photos - Aug 7, 2014
Photo: Day hike up to Siyeh Pass and down through Sunrift Gorge (day before the backpacking trip)Photo: Siyeh PassPhoto: Siyeh PassPhoto: Sunrift Gorge with St. Mary Lake in distancePhoto: Murray and Greg on the left near Siyeh PassPhoto: Down from the pass into Sunrift GorgePhoto: St. Mary Lake below Sunrift GorgePhoto: Photo: Newly-weds from MI on the way down from Siyeh PassPhoto: Photo: Folded Rock LayersPhoto: Photo: Photo: The newly-weds from MIPhoto: Newly-weds from MIPhoto: Newly-weds from MIPhoto: Newly-weds from MIPhoto: Siyeh Pass on horizonPhoto: Photo: Down into Sunrift GorgePhoto: NEXT - 5 days and nights in the back-country of GNP; We started at the southern end of Waterton Lake and ended near Sherburne Lake (Many Glacier area)Photo: The USA-Canadian border as seen from the boatPhoto: Customs agents (really?) checked our pass-ports as we got off the boat.Photo: Our first night was spent at Kootenai Lakes.Photo: Photo: Everyone eats and keeps their food in a common area that is 50-100 ft. from any campsite.  Each campground has 2-4 campsites.  On this night we enjoyed visiting with a young couple from WI and a family from CA.Photo: Our first night.Photo: Food and scented materials must be at least 10 ft. off the ground.  We didn't see any bears during the entire 65 miles of hiking and back-packing.Photo: There were several moose on Kootenai Lk. the next morning.  This is the only one that was close enough to photograph.Photo: Sunshine as we hit the trail from Kootenai Lakes to Stony Indian Lake on day #2Photo: On the way to Stony Indian Lake.Photo: Stony Indian Lk. with Stony Indian Pass in the background.  We set up camp and then walked up to the pass.  Then Murray and I went for a swim.Photo: Photo: Afternoon hike to explore Stony Indian Pass.Photo: Stony Indian Lake as viewed from near the passPhoto: On Stony Indian PassPhoto: Headed back down to the lake for a swimPhoto: Photo: Toilet with a view near our campsite at Stony Indian - the toilets were also quite a ways from the campsites.Photo: Another view of the same toilet - lid up this time.Photo: Our campsite at Stony Indian on night #2Photo: Day #3 - hiking down from Stony Indian PassPhoto: We hiked down past this lake - Photo taken from just below Stony Indian PassPhoto: Stony Indian Pass in the backgroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Murray and Greg above Glenns Lake - This night we stayed at the far end of the lake.Photo: Photo: Glenns Lk.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Some dude fishing on the upper end of Glenns LakePhoto: Side trip to some neat waterfallsPhoto: Eating area near our campsite on night #3 - It was the only night when rain caused problems.  there were 4 campsites here, so lots of people (CO, PA, OR, and us)Photo: Photo: Day #4 - Cosley Lake on the way to Lake ElizabethPhoto: Cosley LakePhoto: On the way to Elizabeth Lake - Chief Mtn. on horizonPhoto: Cosley LakePhoto: Family from CA ready to ford the Mokowanis River (outlet of Cosley Lake)Photo: Fording the Mokowanis RiverPhoto: Photo: Dawn Mist Falls on the Belly RiverPhoto: Walk on the beach to our campsite on night #4 at the upper end of Elizabeth LakePhoto: Campsite on night #4 - everything is laid out to dryPhoto: This photo was taken a couple weeks earlier from Ptarmigan Tunnel.  It shows the location of our night #4 campsite on the southern end of Lake Elizabeth.Photo: Evidence of recent avalanche on afternoon hike up to Helen LakePhoto: Group on beach at Helen Lake - headwaters of the Belly RiverPhoto: Greg and Murray on the beachPhoto: Greg walking on water!  (Belly River)Photo: Murray can too!Photo: Common food prep area on night #4 - People from FL, CA, IL, WI, AZPhoto: Photo: Low clouds on Elizabeth as we left on Wed morningPhoto: Bridge across the Belly River near Lake Elizabeth - on our way to Red Gap PassPhoto: View of Elizabeth from the trail to Red Gap Pass - We were hoping those clouds would burn off.Photo: Still hoping it will clear up as we go higher.Photo: Photo: The clouds did burn off as we approached Red Gap Pass.Photo: Mud-cracks in argillite - Belt Formation; over 1 billion yrs. oldPhoto: Murray on the trail to Red Gap PassPhoto: Photo: Photo: Greg just below Red Gap PassPhoto: You can see why they call it Red Gap Pass - I climbed that mountain above Murray and Greg (see next photo).Photo: Photo of Murray and Greg at our lunch spot on Red Gap Pass - not hard to see why they call it "Red Rock Pass".Photo: Photo: Red Gap PassPhoto: Poia Lake in the distance is where we would end the day and stay our final night.Photo: View from Red Gap Pass looking down at Elizabeth LakePhoto: Starting down from the passPhoto: Can you see the hikers heading up the trail to the pass?Photo: Red Gap PassPhoto: Hikers heading up toward Red Gap Pass with Kennedy Lake in distance.Photo: Ripple marks in argillitePhoto: Photo: Photo: Murray on the floodplain of Kennedy Creek - nearing Poia LakePhoto: Red Gap Pass is hidden behind that mountain on the right.Photo: Poia Lake - Our Campsite was on the other side (to the right).Photo: Evening hike to an out-cropping of limestone near Poia LakePhoto: Photo: View of Poia Lake from our evening hike - Looking toward Red Gap PassPhoto: Poia Lake on our final morning - You can see part of Red Gap Pass in the distance.Photo: Almost the end of the trail - The Many Glacier areaPhoto: