20 Photos - Jul 25, 2014
Photo: View of Red Mountain from near Stemple Pass earlier this summer.Photo: Summary of my 10-mile loop.Photo: Good look at Red Mountain from tree-linePhoto: Red Mountain is the highest mountain in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, which includes the Bob Marshall, the Great Bear, and the Scapegoat (shown here) Wildernesses.Photo: Approaching Red MountainPhoto: Photo: I came up along the forested ridge and then above the patch of snow.Photo: I did a 10-mile loop, coming up on the right and down on the left.Photo: Looking toward the Rocky Mountain Front (Augusta area) from Red MountainPhoto: Mud-cracks in argillite (Belt Formation) - over 1billion years oldPhoto: Photo: Summit of Red MountainPhoto: Ripple marks in argillite (Belt Formation)Photo: Zoom shot of Square Butte near Great FallsPhoto: More ripple marksPhoto: Karate Kid posePhoto: This is the basin that I walked around - Red Mountain in distance.Photo: Photo: The beginning of the most difficult part of the hike - bushwacking down through fallen trees in an area that burned several years ago.Photo: One last shot of Red Mtn.