90 Photos - Jul 19, 2014
Photo: Great Northern with Hungry Horse Reservoir belowPhoto: Great Northern - the highest peak in the Flathead Range (4 mile hike with 4,900 ft. gain)Photo: About 2/3 of the way - The walk along the ridge began herePhoto: View of my path - That first mile was tough!Photo: Not as scary as it looks - There was a nice, safe trail most of the way to the top.Photo: A view of the ridge from the topPhoto: Part of the trail to the summit can be seen here.Photo: View of Hungry Horse Reservoir from near the summit.Photo: Looking down at Stanton Glacier - Glacier Park in the distancePhoto: A look back at Great Northern on the way downPhoto: Tuesday - Started a Glacier Park Geology course with the Glacier InstitutePhoto: We drove to Logan Pass (Going to Sun Road) and hiked to Hidden LakePhoto: Here is Mt. Clemens and the moraine that we walked on our way to Hidden Lake.Photo: The Highline Trail was closed so there were plenty of hikers on the Hidden Lake Trail.Photo: We decided to go off-trail and hike along the moraine.Photo: Photo: Looking down from the moraine with Logan Pass and Going to Sun Road in backgroundPhoto: Photo: On the moraine was a great place to be!Photo: We were watching a bighorn ram as he approached the moraine.Photo: Here comes the ram.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: View of the trail from the morainePhoto: There were 5 of us in the course on Tuesday.Photo: The goats were very used to people.Photo: Photo: Near the end of the hike the skies started to clear.Photo: After the Tuesday hike, we drove to Many Glacier and camped there.  Here is a view of St. Mary's Lake from a construction stop.Photo: Wednesday - view of Chief Mountain on our way to Belly River TrailPhoto: Into the valley of the Belly River in the northern part of the parkPhoto: Photo: Along the Belly RiverPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Belly River Ranger StationPhoto: Photo: The man from Belly River - Nice view of Chief Mountain of the way out.Photo: Thursday (15 miles of hiking) On the to Iceberg Lake and then Ptarmigan TunnelPhoto: Iceberg Lake sits in the basin just to the left of center.Photo: My hiking mates for the dayPhoto: Approaching Iceberg LakePhoto: Photo: Behold! - Iceberg LakePhoto: Next up, Ptarmigan TunnelPhoto: Photo: Along the way to the tunnelPhoto: The tunnel is on the slope above us.Photo: Photo: Photo: Chevron fold in the rock layers along the way to the tunnelPhoto: Photo: Part of the trail that we walked to get to the tunnelPhoto: Here, we are about to go through the tunnel.Photo: The view as you walk through the end (north side) of the tunnel.Photo: "Spider Woman" on the north side of the tunnelPhoto: View of Lake Elizabeth from the north side of the tunnel - This is the upper part of the Belly River watershed, which we had hiked the day before.Photo: North side of the tunnelPhoto: Our instructor (Jeff Kuhn of the Glacier Institute) explains some geologyPhoto: resting in the shade on the north side of the tunnelPhoto: Jeff's daughter Kinsey joined us for the hike on Thursday.  She attends USC, but is working in the park this summer.Photo: Along the trail on the north side of the tunnelPhoto: Photo: The tunnel is near the tiny patch of snow in the upper left of the photo.  Lake Elizabeth can be seen below.  This is the upper part of the Belly River Watershed.Photo: Carol with the tunnel in background (just right of the snow)Photo: Janet along the trail near the tunnel.Photo: Time to go back.Photo: Mark and Sharon from Vermont joined us for 3 days of hiking.  Unfortunately the photo of Mark and Sharon sitting on the wall didn't turn out - I need to figure out how to use ""fill flash".Photo: Photo: Going back to the south sidePhoto: Photo: Heading back down to Many GlacierPhoto: Photo: Photo: Near the end of our 15-mile hike - Jeff and KinseyPhoto: Ready for something to eat.Photo: Friday - hike to Appekunny Falls (also near Many Glacier in the Swiftcurrent Valley)Photo: Stromatolites in the Appekunny formationPhoto: Photo: Carol and SarahPhoto: Below the fallsPhoto: View of the group from cliffs above the fallsPhoto: View of group from the top of the fallsPhoto: Photo: Mark below Appekunny FallsPhoto: Here is an overview of the places we hiked to (and some that we didn't).  Tuesday - Hidden Lake, Wednesday - Belly River Valley, Thursday - Iceberg/Ptarmigan, Friday - Appekunny FallsPhoto: Parting shot of Many Glacier Lodge before I drove home Friday afternoon - What a GREAT week it was!Photo: