20 Photos - Jun 30, 2014
Photo: 2014 photo: This is what the last 2.5 miles of road to the Muddy Creek Falls Trailhead looked like in 2014. It doesn't look like this anymore - it has been graded.Photo: 2014 photo: When we hiked in August 2018, it was smokey, so we couldn't see the mountains shown on this photo. That is the Muddy Creek drainage on left and Blackleaf Canyon on right - Mt. Werner (left) and Mt. Frazier (right) on the horizon.Photo: This is the first part of the trail - a road eventually that becomes a trail. Flooding during the spring of 2018, washed parts of the trail away.Photo: In June of 2014, there was still plenty of water in Muddy Creek. When we hiked it in August 2018, this part of the stream was dry.Photo: Into the canyon - about 2.5 miles from the trailheadPhoto: About 2.5 miles into the hike - the spectacular part beginsPhoto: Our first glimpse of the falls at the end of the canyon.Photo: Photo: The end of the trail.Photo: Photo: Photo: Muddy Creek FallsPhoto: Time to go back to the car.Photo: Photo: Where's Mardi?Photo: Photo from 2014 - There are plenty of fossils in the limestone rocks (Madison limestone) that can be found in the stream bed.Photo: Did somebody say "cheeseburger"?Photo: One last look at Volcano Reef with Mt. Werner in the background.Photo: Ear Mountain in the distance - on the list for later this summerPhoto: What's wrong with this picture?  (35 miles north of Helena)