26 Photos - Jun 22, 2014
Photo: Saturday: Drove to Campground, hiked up Baldy with Tim - Sunday: hiked Windy Mtn. loop with Mark and TimPhoto: Highwood Baldy east of Great Falls - our destination on the longest day of the yearPhoto: We hiked up the Deer Creek drainage (below Tim's left).  This was a few minutes after we'd seen the elk faun on the slope behind Tim (see next photo).Photo: Tim noticed this elk faun - we decided not to wake him up to have him pose.Photo: Onto the ridge and up to BaldyPhoto: Deer Creek drainage with Windy Mountain in middle horizon - We would hike up there the following day.Photo: On the way to the summitPhoto: The tower on the horizon marks the summit.Photo: The steep part of our ascent.Photo: Highwood Baldy - The Sweet Grass Hills are on the left horizon.Photo: Photo: Looking south toward the Little Belt Mountains from the summit of Highwood Baldy.Photo: "The Harvest Moon Brewing Company is that way."Photo: Enjoying the view from Highwood BaldyPhoto: Square Butte near Geraldine (not the one near Cascade)Photo: Bear Paws with telephoto - Bear Paw Baldy is high point (climbed that one on June 19)Photo: Little Belt Creek drainage from the summit of Highwood BaldyPhoto: Belt Butte just above center of photo - We stopped at the Harvest Moon Brewery Tap Room on SundayPhoto: Sunday morning coffee at Thane Creek Campground in the Highwood Mtns.Photo: On day #2 (Sunday) Mark joined Tim and I for hike that included Windy Mountain (center horizon)Photo: Approaching Windy Mountain - The beautiful 9-mile loop trail is maintained by the Charlie Russell Back Country Horsemen of Great Falls.Photo: Mark and Tim approaching the summit of Windy MountainPhoto: Highwood Baldy in the distancePhoto: Heart of the HighwoodsPhoto: Tim, Mark, Me on Windy Mountain - Highwood Baldy in backgroundPhoto: I would call this "Big Chair Rock" if it were up to me - near the end of the hike on Sunday