40 Photos - May 31, 2014
Photo: Photo of Willow Mountain taken from other side of Missouri River a few years ago.  "Bear" marks the location where I encountered a bear during the hike to Willow Mountain on May 25, 2014.Photo: Willow Mountain as viewed from dam (on left horizon) at Lower Holter Lake (Missouri River) Photo taken day after hike.Photo: Gates of the Mountains Wilderness - Willow Mountain on left horizon, Upper Holter Lake, entrance to Gates of Mountains Recreation Area (canyon) on right side of lakePhoto: We started kayaking at Upper Holter Lake (part of the Missouri River). From there it is 3.75 miles on the river to the mouth of Meriwether Canyon. We hiked 4.7 miles from the mouth of Meriwether to the summit of Willow Mountain.Photo: The hike from the mouth of Meriwether to the top of Willow Mtn. is 4.7 miles.Photo: 3-mile paddle from Upper Holter to Coulter, then 4.5 miles of hiking/climbing to summit of Willow MoutnainPhoto: Passed by a small fire on the way to CoulterPhoto: Mouth of Meriwether Canyon on the Missouri RiverPhoto: Missouri River from the mouth of Meriwether CanyonPhoto: Photo: Meriwether CanyonPhoto: Photo: Meriwether CanyonPhoto: Looking at Sacajawea Peak and Meriwether CanyonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Approaching Willow PeakPhoto: View from Willow Peak - Upper Holter on left, Lower Holter on RightPhoto: Lower Holter Lake from Willow PeakPhoto: Meriwether Canyon from Willow PeakPhoto: Photo: Can you hear me now? On Willow MountainPhoto: Looking toward Canyon Ferry Lake from Willow MountainPhoto: Fossils on ridge to Willow MountainPhoto: Photo from a previous hike onto the same ridge.Photo: Photo: Photo: Looking back at Willow as I followed the ridge down.Photo: Photo: This is where I started down.Photo: Photo: Bear about .5 mile from the end of my 9-mile hike (between Meriwether and Coulter Campground)Photo: Photo: Photo from an earlier hike on the other side of the river - parked kayak at Coulter Campground, walked over to the mouth of Meriwether and then up toward Willow Mtn.  I saw the bear on the way back, between the mouth of Meriwether and Coulter.Photo: Photo of Willow Mtn. on horizon to your left, taken from near nose of the Sleeping GiantPhoto: L to R: Willow Mtn., Sacajawea Mtn., and Cap Mtn. - as viewed from other side of Missouri RiverPhoto: Another photo from the side-trip in june of 2014. That is the Missouri River below. Mann Gulch is toward the right side of the photo.Photo: As viewed from the hills south of Helena