69 Photos - Oct 19, 2013
Photo: 3 days and 2 nights "In the middle of Montana" - The White Cliffs Trip (Missouri River) is one of the classic river trips in the state.Photo: Put in on a chilly Thursday morning at Coal Banks (12 miles from Big Sandy)Photo: We're on our way!Photo: First stop along the river to do some climbing - About half-way between Coal Banks and Eagle Creek.Photo: Barnes and Lamphear - my adventure buddies for the long weekendPhoto: Aaron Lamphear at above the MissouriPhoto: above the kayaksPhoto: Photo: Lamphear and IPhoto: Photo: Back on the riverPhoto: Cottonwoods in their fall colorsPhoto: Photo: Barnes approaching our campsite at Eagle CreekPhoto: Lamphear and I heading over to do some hikingPhoto: Cool Thursday evening - Lamphear and I crossed the river and climbed toward LaBarge Rock - Our campsite is near those trees across the river.Photo: As close as we could get to LaBarge RockPhoto: Lamphear and I across from the campsite at Eagle CreekPhoto: There are the tents with the Eagle Creek drainage (cliffs) behind them.Photo: Photo: Exploring the cliffs across from our Thursday night campsite.Photo: Friday morning - Skies have cleared!Photo: Friday morning - Here comes the SunPhoto: Photo: Photo: Eagle Creek Campground with LaBarge Rock across the river - Friday morningPhoto: On Friday morning we hiked up into Neat Coulee, which includes an interesting box canyon.  See next several photos.Photo: Friday morning hike to Neat CouleePhoto: Start of our Friday morning hike to Neat Coulee - Labarge Rock on left (across the river), campsite in cottonwoods behind BarnesPhoto: The box canyon near the upper end of Neat CouleePhoto: Box canyon in Neat CouleePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Above the box canyonPhoto: Bear Paws from above Neat Coulee (box canyon)Photo: Above Neat Coulee - LaBarge Rock along river in distancePhoto: Heading back to campground from Neat CouleePhoto: On our way to the Hole in the WallPhoto: Friday's weather was perfect!Photo: Barnes at Citadel RockPhoto: Friday mid-day hike to the Hole in the WallPhoto: Hike to the Hole in the WallPhoto: Below the HolePhoto: Barnes below the HolePhoto: Barnes and Lamphear in the holePhoto: Near the Hole in the WallPhoto: Barnes and Lamphear near the HolePhoto: Photo: In the HolePhoto: I'm in the HolePhoto: Above the hoplePhoto: Looking down from near the HolePhoto: Looking down from the HolePhoto: Looking upriver from the Hole - Our kayaks are parked near that lone tree.Photo: Leaving the HolePhoto: Seven SistersPhoto: On our way to the Friday night camp at Slaughter RiverPhoto: Stop along the way to check out a concretion.Photo: Lewis and Clarke would have had more fun if they'd had some beer from the Lewis and Clark BreweryPhoto: Back on the waterPhoto: Campsite at Slaughter River Friday nightPhoto: Watching the full moon Friday night in the White Cliffs areaPhoto: Sunrise at Salughter River Saturday morningPhoto: Photo: Saturday morning hikePhoto: Friday night campsite at Slaughter River - My camera pooped out here.Photo: Saturday morning