96 Photos - Aug 19, 2013
Photo: Friday, August 16 - 2013:  Hike in Norway Pass area with Spirit Lake in the background. The bleached logs on the lake have been there since May 18, 1980.Photo: Log mat on Spirit LakePhoto: This album includes 3 hikes from the summer of 2013 . . . 
1. Friday, August 16: Hike with my wife north of Spirit Lake.
2. Saturday, August 17: My hike with the Mt. St. Helens Institute into the crater of Mt. St. Helens.
3. Sunday, August 18: Hike with my wife on the NE side of Mt. Rainier.
Use your keyboard to advance to the next photo.Photo: On Trail Between Norway Pass and Mt. MargaretPhoto: Trees blown down by 1980 eruptionPhoto: to Mt. MargaretPhoto: Photo: Elk herd in Mt. Margaret areaPhoto: Mt. Margaret areaPhoto: Mt. Margaret area - Notice how the top part of the trees were blown off by the blast in 1980.Photo: Mt. Margaret area with Adams in distancePhoto: Check out Mt. Adams in the upper left.  The parking area where we started this hike is near the center of the photo.Photo: In the blast zone.Photo: Trees blown down by the eruption in 1980 - You can see the vehicle on the road for scale.Photo: Three days before the eruption, Donald and Natalie Parker and their nephew Rick parked their green 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix about 8-1/2 miles from the volcano and hiked to a nearby cabin to inspect their mining claim.  They were in the designated “blue zone,” which was open to businesspeople who signed liability wavers with the state, which the Parkers did.  Volcano scientists were not as worried about people in the blue zone because they were expected to survive a typical vertical eruption.  But the initial eruption of Mt. St. Helens was lateral (sideways) not vertical.  The blast killed the Parkers and flattened and seared their car, which remains as a stark reminder to the 57 people who perished that day. (Source: Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument website)Photo: Friday evening just before heading over to meet the group at from the Mt. St. Helens Institute field camp.Photo: Another view of Spirit Lake.Photo: Steps at Windy Ridge View PointPhoto: Windy Ridge ViewpointPhoto: Windy RidgePhoto: Photo by Jeff Nelson: Dinner Friday evening at the Mt. St. Helens Institute's Field Camp. The institute provided dinner Friday, breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.Photo: Saturday morning (August 17, 2013) This is the group just before going onto the "Pumice Plain" - Ecologist, John Bishop in redPhoto: We started in the lower left, crossed the Pumice Plain, crossed Loowit and Step Creeks, and hiked up to "Front of Crater Glacier". NOTE: I labelled the east and west lobes of the glacier wrong. The labels should be switched.Photo: Our path - Courtesy of LoriPhoto: Crossing Loowit CreekPhoto: The fog is starting to burn off. The crater is behind us.Photo: On the Pumice Plain with Spirit Lake is backgroundPhoto: Photo: Sisters and a TREE!Photo: Rick having funPhoto: Mid-morning:  The skies are clearing!Photo: Geologist, Andy Barsotti in the red capPhoto: Photo: Sisters, Pat and KatyPhoto: Me - kid in a candy store. The lava dome(s) behind me formed in the decades after the 1980 eruption. Crater Glacier is up there too, but it blends in with the grayness.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Along Step CreekPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Approaching the toe of Crater Glacier - The glacier contains so much of the dark gray volcanic rock that it blends in with the crater.Photo: Photo: Dirty ice of Crater Glacier - This is about as close as we could get due to the danger of falling rocks.Photo: Another shot of Crater GlacierPhoto: Lunch spot near toe of glacier - looking away from glacier toward Spirit LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dirty toe of Crater Glacier in backgroundPhoto: I walked away from the group to snap this photo. The group can be seen near the "lunch" label.Photo: This photo shows the two lobes just as they were starting to converge a few years ago.  The east lobe now spills over (icefall) into the Loowit drainage.  (Photo courtesy of http://komincents.wordpress.com)Photo: Another view of the glacier from our lunch spotPhoto: Upper part of Loowit drainage near lunch spotPhoto: Photo: Photo: Leaving the toe of the glacier to start back downPhoto: Photo: Crater Glacier surrounds the lava domesPhoto: This is an older graphic. Since it was made the two lobes have joined.Photo: Leaving the lunch spotPhoto: Photo: Photo: A little green along Step CreekPhoto: That's the glacier even with the top of my cap with the lava domes also shownPhoto: Photo: Photo by Jeff Nelson: Mt. Rainier and Spirit Lake from Mt. St. HelensPhoto: Photo: Photo: Dan at Loowit Falls on the northern edge of the craterPhoto: Photo: Look at those layers!  St. Helens is a stratovolcano (composite) made of alternating layers of lava and cinders.Photo: Photo by Jeff Nelson: Layer of basalt with layer of cinders beneathPhoto: Crossing Loowit Creek on the way home.Photo: Another great view of the alternating layers of ash/cinders and lava.Photo: View of Sugar Loaf Lava Dome as we were walking away from the St. HelensPhoto: This photo was taken in 2007, before the east and west lobes converged.Photo: Parking area where we started and ended our hike.Photo: The entire group at the end of an AMAZING day - Photo by LindseyPhoto: The next day (Sunday, August 18 - 2013), Mardi and I drove over to the NE side of Rainier and hiked up to Burroughs Mountain (From Sunrise).Photo: Mardi on Burroughs Mountain #1 with #2 in sightPhoto: Burroughs Mtn. #2Photo: Sunday on Burroughs Mtn. (#2)Photo: On Burroughs #3 facing Winthrop GlacierPhoto: Burroughs #3 and Winthrop GlacierPhoto: Mardi is the tiny speck on the ridge.Photo: Winthrop GlacierPhoto: Headed down from #3Photo: On the way down from Burroughs #2 we took the Sunrise Rim TrailPhoto: Glacial MilkPhoto: Emmons GlacierPhoto: You can see a nice lateral moraine.Photo: Mardi spots a bear (upper right), which was almost as exciting as seeing the lateral moraine (almost).Photo: The bear is in the middle of the photo - eating something, so not interested in us.