87 Photos - Aug 2, 2013
Photo: Base Camp at St. Mary's KOA (5 nights)Photo: Monday: Iceberg Lake, Tuesday: Hidden and Avalanche Lakes, Wednesday: Highline Trail and Grinnell Overlook, Thursday: Siyeh PassPhoto: Along the trail to Iceberg Lake Monday morningPhoto: Nearing Iceberg LakePhoto: Our first look at Iceberg LakePhoto: Photo: The iceman cometh.  Iceberg Lake - Air temperature: 50 ish F, water temperature: 33 ish.Photo: Photo: Photo: Swim suit modelPhoto: This image captures the essence of Patrick - not afraid, sense of adventure, wants new outdoor experiences, not shy about wearing a speedoPhoto: Photo: Photo: The man from Philly (originally Pittsburgh) - probably wouldn't wear that hat in PhillyPhoto: Iceberg Lake - That's one fine teacher there.Photo: Best classroom in the worldPhoto: Photo: Monday afternoon - Low clouds!Photo: Cool outcropping along Iceberg Lake TrailPhoto: Photo: This is great one of Randy.  Thanks to Randy for hauling his tent and putting it up for us to enjoy!Photo: Hidden Lake near Logan PassPhoto: Charismatic megafaunaPhoto: The sun is coming out!Photo: Photo: Koper - deep in thoughtPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Wyoming PretzelPhoto: Photo: Lovely ladies.Photo: Stole this one from LianePhoto: Photo: Carrie just climbed that rock face!Photo: Avalanche LakePhoto: Avalanche Lake Tuesday afternoonPhoto: Some Beach (at Avalanche Lake)Photo: Where are we?Photo: Leaving St. Mary's on Wednesday morning drive to the Highline TrailPhoto: Highline Trail above the Going to the Sun RoadPhoto: Photo: Cliff-hangers!Photo: Highline Trail above the Going to the Sun HighwayPhoto: Iron nodules on Highline Trail - Notice the dishwashing injury on the fingerPhoto: DistractionPhoto: Rod at the sill with marble abovePhoto: 78 year-old hikerPhoto: Going to the Sun HighwayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Stromatolites along Highline TrailPhoto: Photo: Logan Pass (where we started our hike) in backgroundPhoto: Along the Highline Trail before we headed up to the Grinnell Overlook - Last shot of the day for me (battery died)Photo: Making peace with the wildlife - I stole this one from Jodi's Facebook albumPhoto: Two of our favorites - I stole this one from Jodi's Facebook albumPhoto: Stole this one from Liane's Facebook albumPhoto: Grinnell has become a poster child for global warming.  Photo courtesy of Dan Fagre and www.earthvisiontrust.org/2012/08/evt-veterans-outreach-visits-kansas-city/glacier/Photo: Jodi took this photo of the trail leading up to the overlook.Photo: This felt really good after doing the Hi Line Loop Trail (photo by Marty L.)Photo: Some of the places we visited: iceberg Lake, Grinnell Overlook, Logan Pass (Parking)Photo: Thursday we hike up to Siyeh Pass ("Siyeh" is Blackfeet for mad wolf or mad dog)Photo: Exploring beneath Piegan PassPhoto: Tarn near Piegan PassPhoto: This end moraine marks the advance of a glacier that formed here during the Little Ice Age, which ended around 1850.Photo: Exploring beneath Piegan PassPhoto: The Siyeh Pass with Dean's homeland in distant backgroundPhoto: John goofing offPhoto: On Siyeh PassPhoto: Siyeh Pass on Thursday afternoonPhoto: Watermelon snow!Photo: Lunch break at Siyeh Pass.Photo: I really do need to shave.Photo: Looking toward CanadaPhoto: Photo: Small lake that I hiked down to look at during lunch breakPhoto: Tarn beneath Siyeh PassPhoto: Heading back from Siyeh PassPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Down from Siyeh PassPhoto: Mr. Koper shows us the sill.Photo: Photo: Thursday evening - Getting assignments done before dinner and fun.  That's the last one.  To see more of my hiking photos, go to www.panoramio.com/user/5794447