17 Photos - Sep 8, 2013
Photo: Margarie Glacier, Alaska, is 21 miles long, 1 mile wide and 650 feet above sea level at the terminus.  The northern one-third terminus has receded and thinned for the first time during the last 3 years.Photo: "Baked Alaska" Margarie Glacier, Alaska The blue color of glacial ice is due to absorption of red and yellow which leaves blue light. In addition, the scattering of light by ice provides more areas for transmitting the shorter blue wavelengths.Photo: Lamplugh Glacier, Alaska,16 miles long, is receding 50 to 160 feet per year.Photo: Johns Hopkins Glacier, Alaska,12 miles long with fluctuating terminus rates.Photo: Mendenhal Glacier, Alaska,12 miles long near Juneau, Alaska, has receded 1.75 miles since 1958.Photo: Mendenhal Glacier, Alaska near sunset: Ode to Glacier by Stephanie St. Clair: You touched me. Your icy hand, cold, and dead, and devoid of humanity touched my soul. Frozen without freezing. Years later, the numbness now only begins to thaw. The agony of warmth, melting the eons, causes wrenching pain in a grown child's soul. Healing frostbite, I writhe in pain, missing fingers, missing toes, fighting for life with a frozen soul and beg the glacier to return.Photo: Grinnell Glacier - Many Glacier Trail in Glacier National Park, MontanaPhoto: Grinnell Glacier - Glacier National Park, Montana.  Only 24 of 150 glaciers in the park in 1840 are left today and all are projected to disappear by 2030.Photo: Grinnell Glacier - Glacier National ParkPhoto: Grinnell Glacier - Glacier National ParkPhoto: Mer de Glace with Les Drus 12,316 ft. in background- 
red color (lower right) from windblown Sahara desert sandPhoto: Glacier des Periades - French AlpsPhoto: Leschaux Glacier towards the Grand Jorasses  -  
Pointe Walker 13,905 is highest peakPhoto: Glacier de Bionnassay leads to Mt. Blanc 15,781 ft. (highest point near center right). Chamonix, France in the valley photo taken along the Brevent to Flegere trail.Photo: Mt. Rainier in Washington from Reflection Lake. The highest and topographically most impressive volcano in the world at 14,411 feet or 4,392 metersPhoto: "Summer Land" with a better view of the Emmons Glacier. There are 26 different glaciers on Mt. Rainier.  There was 56 sq. miles of glacier on Mt. Rainier in 1820.  Now there is 34 sq. miles.Photo: Bidding adieu from the window of flight: The Mountain:  Mt. Rainier.