23 Photos - Nov 17, 2008
Photo: Javier, Lindsey, Bob & Cal Roper. Fritz auditioning  Mary Johnston as vocalist (1967) @ Lindsey's house, Atherton.Photo: At an Atherton party L-R: Bob Aguirre, Lindsey Buckingham, Javier Pacheco (1968)Photo: Flower Power GirlsPhoto: Celebs in Cabo New Years 2008Photo: Lynn, Joan, Dave, Pam & Frank Stapleton Oct 2007Photo: Bill Marcus Memorial January 5, 2008 Redwood City, CAPhoto: Marlon Bracchia as Liz Taylor & Karen Draheim(Teliha-DeRepentigny) as Bette DavisPhoto: Bette Davis Postage Stamp PartyPhoto: M-A Lot Life 1967Photo: Pattie & Judy 1967Photo: Christmas Party 67Photo: KFRC Big 30 July 13, 1966Photo: La Nuit d'Amour 1967Photo: La Nuit d'Amour 1967Photo: I found an old Bear Tracks MA newspaper from Oct. 1966. Here is one of the photos in it. I will scan more as I have time. Funny!, -Cathy NeifingPhoto: Directory CoverPhoto: Directory Abbott to CorderPhoto: Directory Cosby to HartPhoto: Directory Hart to McLoughlinPhoto: Directory Meerscheidt to ShipePhoto: Directory Sies to ZimringPhoto: Photo: Chuck Burton in the Yucatan