19 Photos - Jan 8, 2014
Photo: Climbing up with beautiful early season morning lightPhoto: After first 200 meters up the couloir there's a dead-end.Photo: And an amazing cave. It actually continues up, so there might be a way to the couloir above..Photo: We didn't explore too long the cave option. So we had to climb about 20 meters of mixed ground to get past the cliffs.Photo: Pekka past the tricky section.Photo: Above the crux the Couloir is about 45 degrees and continues between massive rock walls..Video: Photo: View half way up.Photo: Photo: We found really bad sugary snow after the couloir proper. Here Henkka trying to find a save alternative route up, but the ledge turned out to be even more avalanche prone. So skis on and let the fun begin.Photo: Pekka on the top section.Photo: Good snow through the whole couloirPhoto: Looking down after first 200 meters.Photo: Henkka cruising out from the narrow bit.Photo: Happy youngsters!Photo: Pekka about half way downPhoto: 20-25 meter abseil past the cliffs.Photo: Photo: