24 Photos - May 16, 2011
Photo: Rev Twistruth and his Disciples by Daniel Botkin: "Anti-Nomian Antics"Photo: Meet Reverend Everett Twistruth: My friends call me Ev the Rev!Photo: Rev. Twistruth drives a shiny new convertible.Photo: Torah B. Gone: "I'm Auntie-Torah but I'm Pro-Gospel!Photo: Ms. Grace Lawless: She's liberated! "Isn't it great to be free to do what we please? Praise God!"Photo: Chester Yesman always agrees with Rev. Twistruth: AmenPhoto: Newton Newcomer asks too many questions. "Don't worry about those old laws! Just read the New Testament."Photo: Maybe Rev. Twistruth will help free you from bondage to the Sabbath and all that other Jewish stuff.Photo: Rev. Twistruth by Daniel Botkin: "A Glorious Church Without S.P.O.T." Ephesians 5:27Photo: Questions about Old Testament Law: "Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws" Ps. 119:164Photo: Contrasting the superiority of New Testament grace with the inferiority of Old Testament Law: Ps. 119:165Photo: God gave His commandments to the Jews at Mount Sinai...Photo: But it wasn't long before the Lord realized it just wasn't going to work...Photo: Now God has a real problem on His hands: "Gee, maybe these commandments weren't such a good idea after all..."Photo: But God is smart! "Hey, I know! I'll send my son down there to do away with the law!"Photo: So Jesus came to earth, and was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Christ, a nice Jewish couple...Photo: Jesus thought God still wanted people to obey the law! Matt. 5:17-19 Matt. 23:1-3Photo: The apostles still didn't realize the Law was abolished! They wouldn't even eat pork. "No thanks!"Photo: "I've got a swell idea! I'll send a vision to Peter! Everyone respects Peter!"Photo: So God showed Peter that He had changed His mind about the food laws.Photo: Peter brought the good news to the other apostles... "Baruch Hashem!" Acts 10:28, RTVPhoto: So the first step to rescue man from the law was successful!Photo: Later, God revealed to Paul the Sabbath & holy days were just bondage, as well as things like wearing fringes, shaving, etc.Photo: So the apostles cut the fringes off their cloaks, encouraged everyone to shave, and quit meeting on the Sabbath.