40 Photos - Jun 1, 2013
Photo: Locating auto settings.Photo: Why we do this.
(Just for fun.)Photo: Everything's lined up for us all the way from the start.Photo: Modeling on the river bank.Photo: Photography and mirroring.Photo: NOW we're talking!

These two ducks communicated wildly to me that I was in their way. Or they may just have been flirting with each other. It's impossible to know for sure. #opwkomPhoto: No trolls?!Photo: Calm stream ahead of waterfall.Photo: Send help now!Photo: Almost like a war memorial.Photo: Traces of an old factory.Photo: Bricks and pipes.Photo: It's springtime!Photo: Threatening clouds to the north.Photo: Där jag går i mina gyllne skor!Photo: Street musician laughing about silly runners.Photo: More serious now. Not Johnny Cash.Photo: A talk in the park. But not with each other.Photo: Sure, the railing is more than wide enough to sleep on!Photo: City crocs are the best!Photo: Hello kitties!Photo: Just hangin' with my new friends.Photo: Hello gutter!Photo: Tropical Oslo.Photo: Let's dance!Photo: This message is for you.Photo: Singing with a mission.Photo: Real fans know the lyrics.Photo: She got the look.Photo: Peace, bro'.Photo: Veins popping.Photo: Time for some HDR. Good communication between performer and audience.Photo: The art of quietly sharing a bench.Photo: Photowalkers on the home straight.Photo: You and I and the Nesodden ferry.Photo: Reviewing the day this far.Photo: Preparing for the final group pose.Photo: Look, other people have cameras as well!Photo: Yes, absolutely, the waitress was totally into me!Photo: Taxi! We're all going home to edit our photos now. Thank you for sharing a nice camera
walkabout, everyone!