52 Photos - May 15, 2013
Photo: On the way from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij to the north, the asphlalt road is still herePhoto: Amazing peaks are everywhere, it is possible to go to Kamchatka every year for new mountain areasPhoto: Terrains at Kamchatka can be significantly different - here is an area for expert skiersPhoto: Let's go back to "standard" Kamchatka roads, we left asphalt at km 150 from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij to MilkovoPhoto: That's it - volcano Bakening (2278 m). The volcano is called "Top of Kamchatka" as the three largest rivers of the peninsula flow from it to different directions.Photo: Access to Bakening volcano (renamed by Matus as Hapening) is on the plateau next to the river Pravaja KamchatkaPhoto: Yes, that's standard Kamchatka's cloudsPhoto: Rocky peak with step slopes is just far behind sopka Palec (1225 m) on the leftPhoto: Clouds are playing symphonyPhoto: Bakening - Happening in its full beautyPhoto: Our campsite on the embarkment of the river Pravaja KamchatkaPhoto: Clouds around Bakening - Happening volcanoPhoto: The sun is coming downPhoto: The sun dissappearedPhoto: Upsss, we had some local visitor next to our campsite - injured bear, my skis Dynafit Manaslu are 122 mm wide in the frontPhoto: It's ok, we move opposite the bear towards to Bakening-Happening volcanoPhoto: Aljona has some problem with her feetPhoto: Clarion & Pazout during the crossing one branch of the river Pravaja KamchatkaPhoto: Clouds are here, later on we will see almost nothing as there will be only white diffuse lightPhoto: Still on skinsPhoto: Middle part of the Bakening volcano's slope, clouds are comingPhoto: Happy Roman "Kohutia tvar" followed by Mirka & Matus on the slopes of Bakening volcanoPhoto: Near the end of the couloir... it was quite steep, not as on this image taken from belowPhoto: The view back to the valley of the river Pravaja KamchatkaPhoto: Opposite side of the summit ridge of Bakening volcanoPhoto: Clarion is comingPhoto: Summit ridge of Bakening - Happening volcano (2278 m), we are the first Czechs and Slovaks here. Pazout and Katka climbed up to 2000 m on skis...Photo: Mirka is preparing for skiingPhoto: I am ready. And you?Photo: Marta on the lower slope of Bakening volcanoPhoto: That's Kamchatka's standard - birch trees everywherePhoto: Crossing the stream againPhoto: Access to sopka Palec (1225 m) started with crossing self-released avalanchePhoto: Aljona followed by Katka on the slopes of PalecPhoto: Aljona in the upper part of the climb to sopka PalecPhoto: Our campsite on the embarkement of the river Pravaja Kamchatka viewed from the ridge by telephoto lensPhoto: The rest of the skialpinist viewed almost from the summit of sopka Palec (1225 m)Photo: Matus & Roman below the summitPhoto: Summit of sopka Palec (1225 m)Photo: Aljona skiing down from sopka PalecPhoto: The slopes of sopka Palec are quite steep - skier AljonaPhoto: Lower part of sopka Palec - skier ClarionPhoto: The second access to sopka Palec (1225 m) - final slopePhoto: Pazout is taking video during the second access to sopka PalecPhoto: Our snow kitchen, snow living room & snow party room - author AljonaPhoto: This is not a bearPhoto: Yes, that's bear that walked in the valley just minutes before usPhoto: Mirka has to take a decision - follow the bear or not...Photo: Snow & water, that's Kamchatka in MayPhoto: Loading to the car to go back to Petropavlovsk-KamchatskijPhoto: Malki open air hot springsPhoto: Malki open air hot springs