58 Photos - Feb 9, 2014
Photo: holladaym@mac.comPhoto: Gold 50-54  Barb Patterson and Pat SinickiPhoto: Gold 55-59  Tambi Zaun and Dave SabinoPhoto: Silver 55-59  Glenn and Michele GedaPhoto: Bronze 55-59  Dan Charles and Mollie MillerPhoto: Gold 60-64, Dan Kerr and Diane MasternickPhoto: Silver 60-64  Wendy Jackson-Sabo and David SmythPhoto: Bronze 60-64  René Beaulé and Malinda HebertPhoto: Gold 65-69 Alex Shirshun and Jane KutaPhoto: Silver 65-69 Vic Piccolo and Linda BourdeauPhoto: Bronze 65-69 Ed Barter and Paulette HessingerPhoto: Gold 70_74  Bonnie Otis and Bill WalkerPhoto: Silver 70_74 Julie Sayers and Ken PeacockPhoto: Bronze 70-74 Russ French and Sharon AndersenPhoto: Gold 75_79 Tom Workman and Patricia HurickPhoto: Gold 50-54  Larry Allgaier and Pat SinickiPhoto: Silver 50-54  Walter Scruggs and Tom BurksPhoto: Gold 55-59 Larry VanderRoest and Stu HastingsPhoto: Silver 55-59 Dan O'Toole and Todd DowrickPhoto: Bronze 55-59  Gordon Statz and Dan KerrPhoto: Gold 60-54 Tim Hacker and Charlie McKnightPhoto: Silver 60-64  Glenn Geda and Dave SabinoPhoto: Bronze 60-64 Jerry Barz and Dave ManniPhoto: Gold 65-69  David Smyth and Vic PiccoloPhoto: Silver 65-69  Alex Shirshun and David BowenPhoto: Bronze 65-69Photo: Gold 70-74 Bill Walker and Ken PeacockPhoto: Silver 70-74  Tom Workman and Jerry BoonePhoto: Bronze 70-74  Frank Harnadek and Russ FrenchPhoto: Gold 75-79   Bob Tarnow and Paul KlinePhoto: Gold 80-84 Michael Riley and Bill O'ConnerPhoto: Gold 55-59  Tambi Zaun and Michele GedaPhoto: Silver 55-59 Wendy Jackson-Sabo and Jill Jackson-JakobPhoto: Bronze 55-59  Pam Piger and Mollie MillerPhoto: Gold Jane Kuta and Diane MasternickPhoto: Silver 55-59  Malinda Hebert and Sharon AndersenPhoto: Bronze 60-64 Mary Hobart and Debbie HelbigPhoto: Gold 65-69  Jecqueline Ingram and Linda BourdeauPhoto: Silver 65-69 Bobbi Bonace and Marilyn HolladayPhoto: Gold 70-74 Sharon Salamon and Julie SayersPhoto: Gold 50-54 Tom BurksPhoto: Gold 55-59 Dan O'ToolePhoto: Silver 55-59  Kevin FriesenPhoto: Bronze 55-59  Walter ScruggsPhoto: Gold 60-64 Stu HastingsPhoto: Silver 60-64 Charlie McKnightPhoto: Bronze 60-64 Dave SabinoPhoto: Gold 60-64 Malinda HebertPhoto: Gold 65-69 Linda BourdeauPhoto: Silver 65-69 Marilyn HolladayPhoto: Gold 65-69 Alex ShirshunPhoto: Silver 65-69 Ed BarterPhoto: Bronze 65-69 Ron YurgoPhoto: Gold 70-74 Dick ManasseriPhoto: 70-74Photo: Gold 75-79Photo: Gold 80-84 Bill O'ConnorPhoto: Silver 80-84 Mike Riley