45 Photos - Nov 29, 2014
Photo: Church of St. Peter in MarienPlatzPhoto: Church of St. Peter in MarienPlatzPhoto: MarienPlatzPhoto: grumpy gordon :)Photo: Gordon and his Aunt Randy admiring vegetables in a farmers market near BordeauxPhoto: Farmers Market near BordeauxPhoto: Farmers Market near BordeauxPhoto: Farmers Market near BordeauxPhoto: Farmers Market near BordeauxPhoto: Photo: Mini Pig! NOT for sale at the market. Raising animal awareness. I think the lady was annoyed that I took so many pictures.Photo: SO CUTE!!!!!!Photo: The view from the top of the village of Saint EmilionPhoto: Saint Emilion MAY very well be the oldest place I've ever been.Photo: Photo: Photo: It predates the 8th century and the monks that lived in this ruined monestary started the commercial wine production in this part of France.Photo: The ruins of the church in the monestary at Saint-Émilion.Photo: Photo: Saint-Émilion rooftopsPhoto: Saint-Émilion is a very hilly little townPhoto: Photo: This is the oldest monolythic church in Europe.Photo: Inside the churchPhoto: Photo: Photo: Haut Sarpe winery tourPhoto: There was literally a bird menagerie!Photo: Haut Sarpe vineyards -- all of the surrounding countryside looked pretty much like this. aka, beautifulPhoto: Haut Sarpe vineyardsPhoto: Photo: barrel room for Haut Sarpe wineryPhoto: Photo: The gang walking back to taste some winePhoto: Haut Sarpe wineryPhoto: Our tasting after the grand tourPhoto: Bordeaux opera house - one of the oldest wooden opera houses to never burn down. Literally has firemen living in the basement.Photo: Amazing town and fountain in downtown  BordeauxPhoto: And there was a circus in town! (we did not see it)Photo: Photo: Photo: Streets of  BordeauxPhoto: A fancy round mall in  BordeauxPhoto: Photo: You could smell this cheese shop a block away.