130 Photos - Dec 16, 2011
Photo: Headed out in Lima to do some sight seeingPhoto: Mariana and her cool hair accessory (I promptly bought two)Photo: Gonzo, Mariana and Katie at Gonzo's office in downtown LimaPhoto: Namita at Gonzo's office in downtown LimaPhoto: View from Gonzo's office in downtown LimaPhoto: View from Gonzo's office in downtown LimaPhoto: Plaza de Armas, Lima - Right next to the Presidents housePhoto: Plaza de Armas fountainPhoto: Plaza de Armas fountainPhoto: Cathedral of Lima in Plaza de ArmasPhoto: Cathedral of Lima - pigeons are so sacreligious!Photo: Photo: Cathedral of Lima door knockerPhoto: Mary's Shrine in the Cathedral of LimaPhoto: Photo: strange diorama outside the Cathedral of LimaPhoto: Outskirts of LimaPhoto: Cool dude and cooler dog in downtown LimaPhoto: Feeding pigeons outside the CatacombsPhoto: Our delicious first lunch - Ceviche samplerPhoto: Prawns? Not sure, but they WERE delicousPhoto: And they made me feel like ArielPhoto: My lunch, it was like a mashed potato-seafood salad sandwichPhoto: Ready for the party on Saturday night at Gonzo and Marianas place!Photo: Miraflores from the carPhoto: Going clubbing in Miraflores, LimaPhoto: The club, which disapointingly only played American musicPhoto: Out for a walk at El Olivar Grove Park in San Isidro, LimaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Katie and Namita at El Olivar Grove Park in San Isidro, LimaPhoto: El Olivar Grove Park in San Isidro, LimaPhoto: Water Park / Light show in Lima -- apparently the biggest of its kind in the world!Photo: This was what the fountain looked like during intermission from the light show!Photo: Photo: We look super imposed here! I swear we actually visited it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Teens playing in the fountainPhoto: This one was my favorite, yes, that is water!Photo: Katie in the fountain!Photo: Gonzo and Mariana in the fountainPhoto: Namita in the fountainPhoto: Our hotel lobby in CuscoPhoto: Downtown CuscoPhoto: Church in CuscoPhoto: Main square in CuscoPhoto: Main square in CuscoPhoto: Photo: Main square in CuscoPhoto: Taking a break, walking in Cusco is tough work!Photo: Looking for fun shopsPhoto: Found some!Photo: Little kids playing outside their moms' shopPhoto: Namita bartering for me :)Photo: Awesome Kicks! Unfortuntely for me, they do no make them in big American girl shoe sizes.Photo: Llama (or is it an Alpacha)?Photo: My favorite photo from the whole trip. This guy is the silliest.Photo: Sacred ValleyPhoto: Sacred Valley - Tilt Shift!Photo: Sacred ValleyPhoto: Ok this guy is pretty silly too... I am pretty sure this ones an alpacha.Photo: Chess set for sale.Photo: Namita probably helping Katie barter for things on our first shopping stopPhoto: Shopping Stop #2Photo: awwww poor unsuspecting guinea pigsPhoto: Photo: I'll say it again, awwww poor unsuspecting guinea pigs!Photo: Photo: Photo: Our lunch stop looks like something out of a fairytale from this angle.Photo: From this angle, more like a restaurant :)Photo: Restaurants 'back yard'. Full of llamas, just like I like it!Photo: I should probably know what river this is, but I do not.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ollantaytambo from the bottomPhoto: Ollantaytambo from the bottom, it was daunting even considering climbing this in the altitude we were at.Photo: These were the 'original steps'  the Inca's built.Photo: So I suppose these are the tourist steps?Photo: Photo: Looking out over Ollantaytambo village half way upPhoto: Photo: Photo: Looking out over the village ALL the way up.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A wool dying demonstrationPhoto: Photo: All the natural dyesPhoto: weaving demonstrationPhoto: Namita's new friendPhoto: Photo: Entering Machu PicchuPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Machu PicchuPhoto: Photo: Photo: These were originally filled with medicinal orchids, I wish they would recreate that!Photo: Photo: Katie stealing pieces of history!Photo: Photo: Photo: Sundial up on the hillPhoto: Photo: Photo: Chinchilla-ish things!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is in the modern-day town below Machu Picchu