16 Photos - Apr 3, 2013
Photo: Gordon in his captain's uniform.Photo: Photo: Gordon and the color guard at Bob Cole's burial service in Danville Green cemetery.Photo: Gordon and Gerry's wedding party in 1946Photo: The house on Brainerd street. Gordon is on the porch and Linda's dog Wags is looking on.Photo: Gordon and his great granddaughter, Kiandra, in the house on Brainerd.Photo: Gordon and Gerry's wedding photo, December 1946Photo: The family in Danville: Gerry (standing in back), Mildred. Sitting, l to r, Gordon, Judy, Wags, Linda, Kenneth, Matt (Lois' son) and Alan.Photo: 50th Wedding Anniversary of Gordon and Gerry, taken in 1996.Photo: Gordon and his great-grandson, Henry (2012)Photo: Gordon and his sister, Lois.Photo: Gordon scraping his house.Photo: The color guard at Danville Fair.Photo: Faculty photo taken of Gordon for St. Johnsbury Academy, 1968.Photo: Mildred (Gordon's mom) Gordon and Lois gathering daisies.Photo: Mildred and Walter, Gordon's parents