29 Photos - Aug 6, 2014
Photo: 3:45 AM - I'm ready to start!!Photo: Looking for the startPhoto: Start and Finish BannerPhoto: Event Photo - me at the startPhoto: Carl Sanders - 4:45 AM at the StartPhoto: Max Mehech at the Start.  Max can always be counted on for some interesting head gear.Photo: Joel Sothern (left) and Lori Hoechlin (Right) at the start.  Sorry, can't place this other dude!Photo: Carl Sanders (front) and Rod Palomino climbing the lower slope of Mt Tam just above FairfaxPhoto: Max (left) and Carl Sanders (right) climbing Alpine Lake to Ridgecrest Climb through the forestPhoto: Blurry shot of the rest of the lead peleton climbing Bolinas Fairfax Rd up Mt Tam.Photo: Max and Carl uphill through the forest on nice Trek MadonesPhoto: On Ridgecrest Road Mt. Tam, above the marine layer cloud deckPhoto: On Ridgecrest Road Mt. Tam.  Max on left in yellow highlights, Rod Palomino at the rearPhoto: Lonely cyclist on Ridgecrest Road, Mt. TamPhoto: Carl Sanders (foreground in red) and Rod Palomino in front on Ridgecrest Road, Mt TamPhoto: Carl Sanders on a really nice Trek Madone on Ridgecrest Road, Mt. TamPhoto: Carl Sanders above the cloud deck on Ridgecrest RoadPhoto: Event Photo - Joel Sothern on Rt 1 Near Stinson BeachPhoto: Event Photo - The murder train lead DC Pelaton group.  Carl (red), me, and Max in yellow highlightsPhoto: Event Photo - Carl, me and Max in fast paceline on Rt 1 Near Stinson BeachPhoto: Event Photo - Carl (red) me, and Max (yellow highlights)  in a fast paceline on Rt 1 near Stinson BeachPhoto: Event Photo - Carl, me, and Max ripping along Hwy 1 near Stinson Beach on our TreksPhoto: Rod Palomino - Rt 1 near Stinson BeachPhoto: Event Photo - lead double century group Pt. Reyes Petaluma Road.  Max in front, Carl off Max's left sholder, Joel Sothern two riders back off Max's right shoulder, me split off out of saddle to the left trying to get hit by a car.Photo: Riding with Mike (blue) and Joel Sothern from Petaluma to Valley Ford at about mile 100.Photo: Joel Sothern - 2014 overall winner of the California Triple Crown Stage RacePhoto: At the Coleman Valley rest stop, just after the Coleman climb at about mile 135.  Starting to look a little ragged!Photo: Riding with Mike, 41 from Berkeley from Coleman Valley to Valley FordPhoto: Carl Sanders (right) 2nd overall, Max Mehech (center) 3rd overall, and Cal Erdman (left) 4th overall - 2014 CTC Stage Race