30 Photos - Nov 10, 2011
Photo: Every month a new contest is started in the SP-Studio community. The challenge is to create creative pictures with the SP-Studio, so no editing with another software is allowed. The winner can make a free wish for a new SP-Studio item. Place 1-5 get their own user gallery.Photo: 01/2013: WHAT HAPPENED IN THE YEAR 2012? [ Sandy arrives in Manhatten, Disney Bought Star Wars, 50 shades of grey, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Gold stones ]Photo: 12/2012: AUSTRALIA & ANTARCTICA [ Penguins, Ayers Rock, Australia & Antarctica, Australia is HOT!, The Opera House is under attack! ]Photo: 11/2012: MUSICALS [ Hairspray, The Sound Of Music, Wicked (the poster), the Fiddler on the Roof and The Book of Mormon ]Photo: 09/2012: CLASSIC MOVIES [ The Godfather, Scarface, Blues Brothers, Psycho, Jaws ]Photo: 08/2012: OLYMPIC GAMES [ Kayak tours, Games of the XXII Olympiad, Olympic Fire, Olympic Dive, archery contention ]Photo: 08/2012: MODERN VIDEOGAMES [ doodle jump, little big planet, angry birds, Moonbase Alpha, Metal Gear Solid 4 ]Photo: 06/2012: FEMALE MUSICIANS [ Noodle (Gorillaz), Beth Ditto (Gossip), Brünhilde, Donita Sparks, Nicki Minaj ]Photo: 05/2012: 10 YEARS SP-STUDIO!Photo: 04/2012: RELIGIONPhoto: 03/2012: AMERICA [Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Texas Longhorns, Mayan Warrior, Titanic, Burning Man ]Photo: 02/2012: ANIMALS [ cats, crocodile, spider, owl, fish ]Photo: 1/2012: WHAT HAPPENED IN THE YEAR 2011? [ Japan: earthquake & tsunami; London riots; Harry Potter 8: Lord Voldemort dies; Revolution in Libia; Osama Bin Laden's death ]Photo: 12/2011: TV SHOWS (not animated) [ 24, Mad Men, Blackadder, Primeval, Teletubbies ]Photo: 11/2011: EUROPE [ French revolution, Bull Fights Back, Manneke Pis, Art Film Français, Adolf Hitler ]Photo: 10/2011: MALE MUSICIANS [ Gene Simmons, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Niccolò Paganini and GG Allin ]Photo: 10/2012: AFRICA [ preparing of a mummy, Mbube (the lion), the jungle, a voodoo guy and a starving African child ]Photo: 09/2011: ASIA [ Chinese dragon, Godzilla, Ninja Assassin, Sushi and Yuki Onna ]Photo: 08/2011: RETRO GAMING [ Metroid, Mortal Kombat, Glover, Cool Spot, Pokemon ]Photo: 07/2011: CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY [ Gladiotors, Odysseus with Siren, Venus de Milo, Medusa Vs. Perseus, Roman soldier goes to the statue of his great leader to pray ]Photo: 06/2011: CARTOON VILLAINS [ Harvey Dent / Two-Face (Batman), Doctor Doom (X-Men, etc.), the Lizard (Spider-Man), Scar (The Lionking), Man-Bat (Batman) ]Photo: 05/2011: PRINCESSES [ Disney's the Beauty and the Beast, Princess Beach, The Princes and the Frog, Disney's the Princes and the Frog, God Save the Queen ]Photo: 04/2011: SCI-FI MOVIES [ Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, War of the Worlds, Alien, E.T. ]Photo: 03/2011: FLOWER POWER [ Man-Eating Plant, Oct. 1967 Washington DC, Make love not war, Feeling the Flower Power inside, Ultimate hippie experience ]Photo: 02/2010: POKEMON [ #258 Mudkip, #220 Swinub & #201 Unown, #001 Bulbasaur, #183 Marill versus #221 Piloswine, #453 Croagunk ]Photo: 01/2011: WHAT HAPPENED IN THE YEAR 2010? [ Volcanic ash causes air-traffic chaos, FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, We're Sorry..., Oil Disaster in Mexico Gulf, Paul, the psychic octopus! (World Cup 2010) ]Photo: 01/2011: MOVIE & GAME CHARACTERS OF THE YEAR 2010 [ Iron Man 2, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, Star Wars Games, Kinect ]Photo: 12/2010: CHRISTMAS CARDS [ Funny Christmas, Merry Christmas with your loyal friends!, Christmas Tree, Scrooge and Grinch, Chrismas Reindeer ]Photo: 11/2010: CARTOON HEROES OF OUR CHILDHOOD [ Taz, Goofy, Marsupilami, Popeye, Snoopy ]Photo: 10/2010: HALLOWEEN [ Halloween killed Kenny, Bigfoot, Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass, Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hallow, Stalker ]