42 Photos - Nov 17, 2011
Photo: Keck and Orion... the angle is a bit funny since I didn't have a tripod.Photo: Keck from SubaruPhoto: A fine day for a MOIRCS run... weather permittingPhoto: Side of the Subaru domePhoto: I am also an avid nature photographer... and by "avid" I mean "mediocre at best"Photo: Good ol' Hale Pohaku... #1 in Mauna Kea astronomy lodging.Photo: Gwen is hard at work. Secondly, you'll notice that it takes a GRIP of monitors to get any astronomy done these days.Photo: omg... 0.3" seeingPhoto: This is Gwen's 0.3" seeing face.Photo: PARTY!!!Photo: Sunrise over the Keck domes... no big deal.Photo: No but seriously it's a huge deal like hardly anyone gets to see this stuff, except for the observers, staff, and all the tourists. Which, in hindsight, is quite a few people.Photo: Subaru, the Keck domes, and NASA IRTF (Infrared Telescope Facility). No lie, there are a ton of telescopes up here, many of which I did not even photograph.Photo: Hey, Gwen!Photo: SMA (Submillimeter Array) hanging out down there on the left.Photo: CFHT (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope) lookin like a bossPhoto: Gemini North being a champPhoto: UKIRT (United Kingdom Infrared Telescope) just chillinPhoto: This dude was so excited to see the sunrise! I bet he wasn't up all night.Photo: Gwen pondering the heavensPhoto: I wasn't kidding about the tourists.Photo: The true summit of Mauna Kea, and a sacred site for the native Hawaiians.Photo: The mighty Subaru.Photo: Here's a few more for you... Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT)Photo: I'm not afraid of the dark / When the sun goes down / And the dreams grow teeth / And the beasts come out / Cast their long shadows / Every time that they start / I'll be right here with you / I'm not afraid of the darkPhoto: Alright enough with the sunrises, now for some sunsets.Photo: Prooty cool.Photo: Got to see Keck II opening... pretty slickPhoto: aww yeah sunset babyPhoto: well hello there Keck II secondary mirror how are youPhoto: Domes were opening like nobody's business out therePhoto: Unfortunately, a 30 second exposure reveals the fog rolling in... also check out the sweet lens flare compliments of the moon.Photo: Guess who's back / back again Orion's back / but in portrait orientation this timePhoto: Bet you amateur astronomers out there can't name this celestial object!Photo: Man, this is a ton easier with a tripod... thanks, Gwen!Photo: JCMT with Maui in the backgroundPhoto: Subaru's doors... firmly closed :(. Drat that humidity.Photo: More telescopes... and clouds :(Photo: On the other hand, the clouds are the only reason I had time to take these pictures!Photo: Self-portrait. Sup, self.Photo: I'm being followed by a moonshadow / moooooonshadow, moonshadowPhoto: At this point things got out of hand.