18 Photos - Sep 8, 2012
Photo: A new ending for The Scroll.Photo: Bilbo Baggins at Bag End.Photo: Bombur in Rivendell.Photo: Fili, Bilbo, Nori and Ori at Bag End. Plates just at the edge of picture!Photo: Fili, Nori and Ori share a song at Bag End.Photo: Bofur at Bag End.Photo: Graham McTavish is Dwalin. Check out those runes tattoed on his hand.Photo: The Company at Rivendell.Photo: Bilbo Baggins at Bag End.Photo: Dwalin in the Bag End larder?Photo: Thorin Oakenshield in Mirkwood? Hunting a white stag perhaps?Photo: Fili with short swords in hand.Photo: Kili illuminated by campfire. Possibly in the trollshaws?Photo: Fili and Kili arrive at Bag End. Across the Water, we can see other hobbit holes.Photo: Gandalf the Grey sans wizardly hat.Photo: Oin at Bag End. Note the "hearing aid".Photo: Dori and Fili at Bag End.Photo: Gloin and Oin at Bag End.