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Photo: About letting go...

And completely unaffected by the daily turmoil in the town, the river Aare flows. Maybe it’s time that I learn from it …

Have a dynamic day!


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Having fun with snow and my son's hands.

Have a wonderful day!

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And they walked their way, just as every day,
under a sky that spoke without saying a word.

Enjoy the world around you, every day.

+Poets Society of Photography by +Claudine de Faÿ 
+The Society Of Light +Jeremy Spierer 
+Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa 
+Breakfast Art Club by +Kate Church 
+Zen Sunday  by +Charlotte Therese BjörnströmPhoto: Symphony of movement

Rainy market day in Bern. The whole day we were experimenting on the topic of “seeing without eyes.” We tried to see the world with an open mind and have occasionally encountered moments and scenes that seeing alone couldn’t have perceived. Hear, smell, feel, how the market moves, how its tones and sounds change, how odors sneak past like cats at dusk, how gusts of wind and rain drops touched us like tender strokes, how unexpected scents seem to flood the nose and flow directly into the soul. At some point, the invitation of the world just happens: picture me! Then and only then, with see with the eyes so as to transfer the image onto the chip, only then one is really connected profoundly. The workshop “Seeing without eyes” took us on the track of what Alfred Stieglitz called “equivalence”. Pictures that express the inner world of the photographer as a resonance with the outside world.

A wonderful weekend to all of you.

yours truly
RolandPhoto: Cerevisia bibunt homines

Cheers! Delicious beer in magical surrounding. A wonderful evening with my family. Hopefully this picture manages to bring some of that beauty into your new day.

A wonderful saturday to you.

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(PS: Somehow, a lot of recent posts have disappeared from my stream... the photos are still there, but not the posts?)Photo: Layered generationsPhoto: Nova - in every beginning, there is an endingPhoto: Royal momentPhoto: Writings on the treasure wall of lifePhoto: Move on...Photo: When the night starts to humPhoto: Sleeping NautilusPhoto: Bells and whistles abovePhoto: A warm hug, please!Photo: Mercedes BenzPhoto: Photo: BernBewegt N°2Photo: BernBewegt N°3Photo: BernBewegt N°4Photo: BernBewegt N°5Photo: Extraterrestrial eggPhoto: In vino illuminatiPhoto: Genesis #12

Particles of the first hour after the birth of the universe scurry into the void and form what is our world today.
This another witness of Genesis I found on a walk in a mountain valley. For many it may simply be a steel container from a construction company. ;-)

This shot should really be see framed, but as framed pictures seem to get a really bad reception here, I just recommend, you visit the framed version at your discretion here:


Have a wonderful sunday.

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Joy in experimenting, fun while learning, experiencing the world with all senses: Priceless moments. What a wonderful day it was.

Just one of those days I wish you.
RolandPhoto: I'm dancing in the rain

I’m singing and dancing in the rain!
How much can we learn from our kids…

I wish you a joyful day and the courage to dance.
All the best

http://blog.punctumsaliens.ch/2013/04/dancing-in-the-rain/Photo: In touch with the worldPhoto: Duftacker FarbreigenPhoto: Tranquility arrivedPhoto: Aurora venusiana

Looking over the edge of our own world, there are unsuspected beauties to be seen, sometimes of a miraculous nature. Wether they are bound to the poles and named “borealis or “australis”, they are fascinating at all times. Greenish the ghostly lights dance far above the surface, like dreams, elusive and yet so present.

Have a wonderful start into the new week!

If you need to know "what this is" and you aren't satisfied with the idea of seeing a aurora from Venus, please check the revelation on the blog:

#aurora, #astrophysics, #art, #fineart  #perception, #creativity, #metaphorsPhoto: Deep sea dolphins

I knew that dolphins can dive up to 300m deep, but that they are this gracefully at this depth, there where hardly any light comes through, astounded me deeply. And somehow it does not.

I wish you an equally graceful start to the week.

(PS: amazing what light magic my salad bowl manages to cast onto the anthracite-colored cutting board, no?)


#deep sea, #dolphins , #art, #fineart, #creativityPhoto: Emerald rain

...or how gray is a rainy day in reality?

Rain. Rainy day. Grey day. Dull existence. Retreat and stagnation. But wait!
Rain, this is joy, dancing lights of life, floating shadows, funnily bouncing
sounds, surprising odors, thousands tender nudges on the face…

Just such a day, I wish you.

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http://blog.punctumsaliens.ch/2012/11/emerald-rain/Photo: Like a moth to the flame...

One of these rare moments when I was roaming the streets alone. Firstly, there was just the sound in the distance, then the slight glimmer of light, and then it was there, that attraction of the fair. Like a moth to light I had to go there. I don’t fancy the equipment and activities there. But the smell of roasted almonds, the ecstatic twitching of lights, the mix of sounds so out of this world… and me in the middle of all that with a small camera in my hands. I could spend hours there. It was only 20 minutes, but they remain intensely in my memory.

I wish you an equally energetic, colorful, ecstatic beginning of the week!

Yours truly,

http://blog.punctumsaliens.ch/2012/12/like-a-moth-to-a-flame/Photo: Renenutet

The guard of kings and the harvest. Found during my nightly adventures in Bern, Switzerland. ;)

Have a wonderful friday.
RolandPhoto: Lanes and stories

Following the path of life, always onwards, towards the future. On all sides we find other life lights which also follow their own personal way. Up and down, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, always enlightening as a little light in the darkness and sometimes aware that we are not traveling alone. I wish you an exciting, colorful and moving path in your future and I am delighted when we meet here and there, if we can share some light and maybe even advance together a few steps on our pathes in the same direction.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, uplifting new year.

Yours truly,

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It was my turn to look after my feverish son and I found it not at all attractive to loll again (or still) in the bedroom. I suffered because my plans were falling apart, because I was bound, I could not do the many things I had to, that I am blocked etc etc. I do not know who suffered more, my son or me. But then a ray of light caressed me and I began to let the seemingly important things go and I sank into the joy of seeing. The result was once again a meeting with the richness of the mundane moment. That joy from contrast between rough and fine, joy from the charming, soft color palette with the muted green blue, the noble royal blue, the friendly smiling sandy yellow, joy from the idea of driving with my fingers along any edge to experience the textures ... Dialogues developed between light and shadow, tiny stages appeared and dancers made of shapes or light danced and told me about the world out there. And I found myself right in the middle of all that. Time lost its meaning, and I felt the richness of the moment as a true gift. To be there for my son was rewarded with a wonderful spectacle.

I wish you a weekend full of incredibly rich banalities.

Yours truly,

PS: if you feel the scene is too dark, it might very well be, that your screen is darker than mine ;)Photo: Ripples of passing beautyPhoto: Transition to the bright sidePhoto: To reach for the skyPhoto: Allegro ma non troppoPhoto: A river, whispering in colourful wordsPhoto: BremersonnePhoto: Bern Bahnhof - on the movePhoto: Timeless lightPhoto: on the move

Don't you love fog, for all the magic it brings to everyday light situations. :-)

Have a wonderful day.
RolandPhoto: Welcome to the showPhoto: Along the west sidePhoto: Of passion and wisdom

Ain't it a wonderful happening, when form and color, light and darkness, texture and emptiness come to dance together. When heated passion touches tranquil wisdom.

I wish you a wonderful day.

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This is my second interpretation. This time, it is a intimate moment, when the sunlight of a fresh morning found its way into the glasses that are standing on a shelf in my kitchen. This is the only place in the world that I personally know has that light and those glass structure. The blue skies and the sun painting the walls of the glasses... this is a view that always tells me: I'm home.

®Photo: Skeleton of a nightly dancePhoto: Spin me upPhoto: An essential moment

An essential moment. The awakening, when through a reverent cut, the timid sparkle of a raw diamond becomes a purely shining gem. Then, when a simple stream in the middle of a town is liberated from banality. Then, when the water flow starts a dance with the rusty iron bars and the stuck leaves, that carries me away. A critical moment to wake up and to know, that all these marvels can be found anytime, anywhere.

I wish you many such essential moments.

Yours truly

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Enjoy the day. And remember: there is no bad weather, there is just the wrong clothing. ;)

All the best

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The civilisation goes down the drain… or is it the last few drops of colour that are on the run?


Have a very nice day anyway.

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Yelled at by advertising and commercial deception. The loud and pushy attempt to impose the modern world, values ​​and norms. And in the middle of that, stands a little kid, looking at the lights and bustle with a truly open, amazed and wondering gaze. Oh, how I wish I could keep the child enjoying the lights and colors, movement and rhythm, without succumbing to the low aspirations of advertising.

Have a wonderful day.


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