49 Photos - Aug 22, 2012
Photo: To get into the spirit of #BagItForward I visited www.championsforkids.org. I watched the video that helped explain the program.Photo: Next I figured out what organization I wanted to donate to. Catholic Charities helps a ton of people in my county. I knew I wanted to help them out!Photo: Catholic Charities has a real need. The people they help range from young to old.Photo: To find out what school supplies are required I went to www.school-supplies-lists.com and entered my zip code. I then chose the grade I wanted to help. (Kindergarten)Photo: I was then sent a list via email. I was all set to go to Walmart.Photo: Even though it was a super rainy day I was very excited to go to Walmart for the #BagItForward program.Photo: I shall put this to the test! How many school supplies can I get for $25?Photo: When I was a kid I would chronically lose my pencils. Something things never change as I still lose them today lol.Photo: Necessity. The erasers on top of pencils are convenient but never enough!Photo: Elmer's had a great little set up for lists of school supplies from area schools.Photo: Literally. I see this now I think computers.Photo: Take two they're cheap...Photo: You can't buy much for 50 cents these days...Photo: Awesome Crayola Markers! I would come home with my clothes covered in this lol.Photo: Color pencils are one of my favorite mediums to work with. Why yes I am an artist.Photo: I remember coveting automatic pencils. We could never get them unless we bought them ourselves growing up.Photo: I totally took advantage of this deal. So far Walmart is making my $25 STRETCH!Photo: All the colors of the rainbow and a few more!Photo: I know they weren't on the list but I got them anyway....Photo: The old standby. Crayola crayons are the best. They just are.Photo: I see this and the Dora the Explorer song comes into my head. Backpack backpack..Photo: Remember what I told you about pencils? Yeah I can't even keep a pen for more than 30 seconds without losing it.Photo: Index cards=Flash cards. No matter your age.Photo: Yay! Pens I can afford to lose!Photo: My jaw dropped when I saw this price. Take a look...Photo: I loved playing outside when I was a girl but man did I love me some watercolors.Photo: Have you ever shattered a ruler? I have..Photo: Walmart was overflowing with great deals on Elmer's.Photo: I can't help it. I bought them.Photo: Washable. Believe me you need these.Photo: Nice bright colors. It's supposed to put you in the mood for homework. RIGHT.Photo: Everyone needs a pencil box. For those of us who lose pencils.Photo: Backpacks as far as the eye can see. That's the dept store manager in the background. She told me I couldn't take pictures here..Photo: The last picture I took in Walmart due to said dept. manager.Photo: I totally bought all this stuff for under $25!Photo: Look at my loot y'all!Photo: In case you missed it lol.Photo: School supplies make me miss school. Sort of.Photo: I remember when they came out with glue sticks. Man I'm old.Photo: Packing all the loot away to go to Catholic Charities!Photo: I had to let them know.Photo: Two bags full!. Now get yourself down to Walmart so you can #BagItForward!Photo: Of course the pretty presents weren't for her but she thought they were!Photo: I used to live on this very street. I think it's beautiful.Photo: Many a time I had seen the lines outside of Catholic Charities go to the end of the corner.Photo: I could already see a number of people inside.Photo: She was such a good girl. She happily gave the pretty presents to the nice man.Photo: To reward her we took her and her sister to the park!Photo: