15 Photos - Aug 6, 2012
Photo: Hallgrímskirkja in ReykjavikPhoto: Rhyolite mountains on the LaugavegurPhoto: Cresting the plateau over the rhyolite mountainsPhoto: Stórihver overlookPhoto: StórihverPhoto: Shortly after leaving the Hrafntinnusker hutsPhoto: Hrafntinnusker is at the base of the last ridge in the backgroundPhoto: Leaving the rhyolite mountains with views of Mýrdalsjökull.Photo: Dark palagonite mountains framing Álftavatn (lake in the back)Photo: Bad weather arriving while descending the JökultungurPhoto: The trail follows a road for a bit before branching off to the left towards the mountainsPhoto: Storkonufell on the way to BotnarPhoto: Descending to the canyon of the river Syðri – EmstruáPhoto: Climbing out of the Þórsmörk valley on our way to SkogarPhoto: Signpost in textured snow near Fimmvörðuháls pass